Higher yields, great taste: Inventronics boosts healthy growth 

Utilize one of the world’s most comprehensive lighting product portfolios for horticulture applications! 

Key facts at a glance 
Do you want to succeed with state-of-the-art lighting solutions for horticulture applications? Then find out how Inventronics can help you with that. Offering one of the world’s most comprehensive lighting product portfolios for horticulture, we are the right partner for you, right from the start. That’s because we are your one-stop source for all the key components. Our LED drivers and LED modules are durable, robust, energy-efficient and powerful. They reliably provide exactly the right light for an enormous variety of different plants. And thus ensure higher yields, great taste and healthy growth of fruits and vegetables. To achieve these goals, we collaborate with our customers to develop optimally structured LED system solutions. However, we do not compete with you in this, but support you with our know-how in selecting the right components for your specific application. In this way, we help you to successfully hold your own in a highly competitive market environment.

Meeting challenges – with Inventronics as a reliable partner 
With areas such as indoor farming or vertical farming, horticulture is a growth market that offers many new opportunities. At the same time, it also presents market participants with many new – and sometimes unexpected – challenges. This is especially true for the right lighting. For anyone who wants to make progress in this specialized market field, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art lighting products. In this way, we put you in a position to be best prepared to meet these challenges. And to be successful with them.  

International experience from a single source: Inventronics as a one-stop shop for horticulture lighting 
With Inventronics as your partner, you benefit from our international focus: Since acquiring the business of OSRAM DS in Europe and Asia, we are now also a global market leader in the horticulture lighting industry. However, we have not only combined our product portfolios. We have also brought together our worldwide networks of experienced horticulture professionals. As a result, you will find well-trained and highly qualified contacts at many of our company’s international hubs. They will provide you with professional local support and enable you to quickly establish the right contacts in order to develop optimal solutions for your horticulture lighting projects. 

Controlling costs – with sustainable and energy-saving lighting technologies 
At Inventronics, we know how important it is to be able to operate cost-efficiently, especially in the horticulture sector. That is why we have been actively working for many years to develop particularly durable and energy-efficient lighting products. Thanks to their low power consumption, they help to ensure that return on investment is quickly achieved. And yet they reliably provide the high luminous fluxes needed for healthy plant growth. As a one-stop shop, we support you in the design of holistic system solutions – with the right LED drivers and the right LED modules for your horticulture applications. Our products are well thought out, designed specifically for horticulture, and offer a high quality of light. As well as the added benefit that you always have the same contact throughout the entire lifecycles of our products. And this regardless of whether you want to work with a fixed or a variable light spectrum, for example: 

Single-channel horticulture system solutions with Inventronics NEL series LED drivers 

For some plants, artificial light with a fixed and stable spectrum is optimally suitable to ensure healthy, fast and high-yield growth. With the right combination of our versatile LED drivers and our powerful LED modules, you can build single-channel lighting systems that best support the successful indoor cultivation of certain plants, such as cannabis or other kinds of green-leafed, high-stemmed crops. For this purpose, we recommend the slim, ultra-high-efficiency LED drivers from our NEL series and LED modules from the OSRAM Planta Seed Brick or OSRAM Planta Seed Linear product families. These drivers are often installed together with the modules, directly in the LED luminaire body. However, there is also an option to mount the driver independently outside of the luminaire, which brings advantages in terms of maintenance and, if required, enables easier driver replacement. 

Multi-channel horticulture system solutions using Inventronics ESM series LED drivers 

To have the right kind of light available at exactly the right time, multi-channel lighting systems from Inventronics are the right choice. During the growth phase, they are able to illuminate plants with different light spectra – thereby reflecting the latest state of agricultural science. Is your task to set up such a system or to retrofit an existing conventional lighting solution with appropriate LED components? Then we would like to recommend the versatile and powerful multichannel LED drivers from our ESM series. With these drivers, the light spectrum can be variably changed depending on the lighting task. Due to their size, they are usually installed outside the luminaire. These drivers can also be excellently combined with our powerful LED modules, for example with customized LED boards from the OSRAM Planta Seed product family. 

For regular customers as well as for start-ups – take the right steps with us, right from the start  
From country to country, and from region to region, the baseline conditions in the horticulture market can vary considerably. In terms of legal regulations, government subsidies or the configuration of the local power grid, for example. So it’s always a good thing to have a professional, reliable and internationally connected partner like Inventronics at your side. With our know-how, our many years of experience and our high-quality products, we bring structure to your growth. This benefits not only our regular customers, but also start-ups. We can help you avoid mistakes and take the right steps in the horticulture environment, right from the start – so that you can soon reap the rewards of your success! 

Certification support 
By the way: We are also happy to advise and support you in the certification of our products according to internationally recognized, but also regionally established certification standards. This applies to our individual LED components as well as to complete horticulture luminaires.

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