Versatile and efficient: state-of-the-art LED drivers for simple urban lighting

Enhanced efficiency meets versatile features: that’s OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 from Inventronics!

Urban and public spaces require adaptable lighting solutions to meet diverse needs efficiently. At best with just one versatile LED driver! The OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers by Inventronics stand out by offering a flexible solution for various lighting requirements. With configurable settings through AstroDIM and a wide operating range, these drivers streamline energy usage effectively, even without a centralized control system.
Basic urban illumination relies on high efficiency, autonomous dimming with Virtual Midnight as time basis, constant light output and high robustness to ensure long lifetime: the new compact OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED driver fulfills all these needs, while at the same time providing NFC functionality for fast programming during manufacturing as well as service in the field.

Effortless dimming and enhanced efficiency in street lighting
Cost efficiency and ease of use are top priorities when it comes to lighting modern urban environments such as roads, plazas, or parks. The OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 models are engineered for simplicity and energy efficiency, offering pre-set dimming schedules with AstroDIM for autonomous operation, which means that no complex lighting management systems are required. Their compatibility with OT 4DIM G3 drivers facilitates streamlined integration, promoting design flexibility and efficiency.

Compact size, superior performance
This new generation of LED drivers boasts reduced dimensions, allowing for more creative and space-efficient luminaire designs.

As a result, these drivers not only enable smaller luminaires while reducing material consumption and increasing light output, but also offer 3 to 5 percent higher efficiency, resulting in significant energy and cost savings over the long term. Paired with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules, they form a highly efficient system for which Inventronics provides a system guarantee of ten years.

Versatility and efficiency: core attributes
These LED drivers adapt to various applications, offering all the functions required to ensure optimal luminaire operation. In addition, the same driver can be used, for example, for different luminaire families/types. Therefore, one single device type is enough for maintenance or repair, which reduces warehousing and thus also storage costs. Programmable dimming profiles adjust the brightness of LED modules based on time, reducing energy use and minimizing light pollution. Available in multiple wattages from 22 W to 165 W, the OT 1DIM G3 drivers suit diverse lighting scenarios thanks to their wide operating range, always maintaining a focus on flexibility and energy savings.

Durability and safety: essential considerations
The OT 1DIM G3 drivers are designed with safety and longevity in mind. The “Driver Guard” feature allows for customizable thermal protection, ensuring the driver reduces its output by 50% or shuts down to prevent overheating. Enhanced overvoltage protection up to 10 kV safeguards the drivers against overvoltage ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

Innovative NFC programming and eco-friendly design
Advancements in NFC programming in this generation allow for the efficient, simultaneous programming of all the drivers in a shipping unit, thanks to the Box programming feature.
In addition, a new NFC antenna enables programming and data retrieval directly from the top side of the LED driver. This is particularly useful when the driver is placed behind a cover, thus enhancing maintenance efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Opt for the ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers – explore our catalog now or the latest application guide.

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