Enhanced connectivity: OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 for outdoor lighting

Extended operating window, robust against surges: our state-of-the-art, D4i-certified LED drivers are ideal for streetlighting and sports venues

The current trend in smart city outdoor lighting is towards efficient technology with intelligent control and maintenance functions. OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 LED drivers from Inventronics are a best-in-class solution for connected lighting and underline our commitment to the advancement of smart city infrastructure.
OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 represents the latest in LED driver technology for connected, advanced outdoor lighting, supporting bi-directional communication with Light Management Systems (LMS) such as our HubSense outdoor devices.
These second-generation, D4i-certified drivers enable easy luminaire upgrade thanks to a standardized interface for connecting D4i sensors and LMS control nodes at any time – without the need to change or retrofit luminaires. These sophisticated drivers feature superior efficiency, extended operating ranges, as well as high surge protection and additional, integrated ESD protection. Customized settings can be made via DALI or NFC using the Tuner4TRONIC software enhancing streetlight functionality.

Advanced connectivity – from first to second generation OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers extend our range of connectable devices by providing a digital interface (e.g., DALI or D4i) for seamless communication with LMS, enabling advanced control and monitoring. This interactivity paves the way towards a new era of efficient and intelligent lighting, where predictive maintenance through remote access to luminaire data minimizes maintenance costs and optimizes field service schedules. Highly flexible operating ranges reduce model variety, simplifying management and storage.

Durability and environmental friendliness: core values at Inventronics
Our OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers feature 80 % recycled plastic housings, thus supporting sustainability concepts in smart cities.

These robust devices offer outstanding surge protection up to 10 kV, ideal for withstanding extreme weather conditions such as lightning strikes in outdoor environments. The design allows a very large number of drivers to be connected to each circuit breaker, while reducing installation costs due to the built-in inrush current limiting function. Integrated ESD protection enhances durability and reliability in outdoor installations.

DEXAL-D4i link: ensuring future compatibility and uniformity
D4i certification endorses OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers for use with Zhaga Book 18-compliant luminaires, providing municipalities with reliable, future-proof streetlight solutions. This standard allows control nodes and sensors to be integrated into luminaires without changing the fixture, making them compatible with a range of D4i-certified sensors. These include MW and PIR sensors, as well as light sensors. The additional LSI interface also enables extra features such as StepDIM or basic stand-alone light sensors.

Enhanced utilization of NFC and luminaire data
Standardized “memory banks” in the LED driver allow the custom configuration and storage of both LED driver and luminaire data for later access and use in optimizing the city infrastructure. The introduction of an advanced, and now more powerful NFC antenna simplifies the LED driver programming process, making it easier to operate from the side and especially from the top. This advancement facilitates both luminaire manufacturing and field service. In addition, the “Box programming” feature allows an entire batch of drivers to be programmed at once in a shipping box, significantly reducing the time required for the production process.

Synergies with PrevaLED BRICK modules and HubSense
The guarantee for the OT DEXAL G2 is 8 years – and when paired with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules, Inventronics even offers a 10-year system guarantee for both components. Controlled via HubSense, these luminaires are perfect for outdoor areas requiring efficient, reliable lighting, such as parking lots and sports areas. Overall, DEXAL drivers stand for sustainability, efficiency and robustness in outdoor lighting, contributing to energy savings and CO2 reduction while embracing future-ready and sustainable technology.

Explore our product catalog for more insights and details on the OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 LED driver series and discover how Inventronics is lighting the way to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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