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  • The easy way to install LED drivers: OT D-style cable clamps

    Pre-configured D-style cable clamps for ON/OFF and DALI LED drivers: network and DALI cables can be simply “looped through”. Lighting installations can now be mounted much faster than ever before: with cable clamps for quick and easy cable fastening. Thanks to OT D-style cable clamps, … [more]

  • Compact lighting systems: This is why size does matter

    Question: What matters most when it comes to shop and office lighting: the luminaire or the light? Unlike the famous chicken/egg question, this question practically answers itself: It’s the light, of course. After all, in the retail sector it is not the luminaire but the … [more]

  • The LED driver OPTOTRONIC DALI NFC I offers a convincing complete package

    The new OPTOTRONIC DALI NFC I provides optimal lighting in offices and educational facilities – and wins points for its simplified, independent installation Concentrated work and efficient learning indoors are directly related to the right lighting. With OPTOTRONIC DALI NFC I, OSRAM DS now offers … [more]

  • Optimal lighting of interior spaces with Tunable White

    Good news for the “indoor generation”: the new drivers OTI DALI 15 and 25 NFC TW I bring more comfort to indoor HCL design with Tunable White – providing maximum flexibility and excellent light quality. Whether in the office or in retail spaces, in museums, … [more]

  • Save time and money thanks to simple installation and new features

    Whether in office buildings or retail spaces, lighting concepts with Tunable White and human-centric lighting (HCL) are the new trend. With the preset Tunable White DT8 operation, HCL and Tunable White can be implemented in no time for variable interior concepts. Alternatively, (with the help … [more]

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