Quickly installed, compact and dimmable: OSRAM OPTOTRONIC FIT CS Phase-cut

An easy, dimmable LED driver solution with an excellent performance? No problem at all with OSRAM OT FIT CS PC!

Key facts at a glance
They provide dimmable, flicker-free lighting in private residential environments, but also in shops, offices, hotels, restaurants or hospitals. And thus create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC FIT CS Phase-cut LED driver family from Inventronics is the perfect choice for controlling downlights and spotlights in such environments. Moreover, these drivers are compatible with the most common leading-edge and trailing-edge phase-cut dimmers. Thanks to the compact design of the drivers, installation is also quick and easy, for example when installing them into recessed drywall ceilings.

Features and benefits

  • Simple dimmable solution thanks to phase-cut technology: Excellent performance, e. g. for lighting projects in private living areas
  • Flicker-free amplitude dimming 5…100 %: Enables your customers to save electricity and create a pleasant ambience
  • Easy and fast installation with mains power lines only: No additional control lines required
  • Available in six different wattages: OT FIT CS PC LED drivers in 7, 8, 14, 18, 30 and 40 watts.
  • Uncomplicated configuration: Currents can be easily selected via DIP switches (usually up to four currents)
  • Slim and compact design: The drivers fit perfectly into low recessed ceilings or slim luminaires
  • Compatible with commercially available leading- and trailing-edge phase-cut dimmers: High flexibility thanks to a wide choice of devices
  • High light quality thanks to low output ripple current (<5 %)
  • Combinable with our compact OSRAM PrevaLED COIN LED modules: Easy installation, optimal compatibility and extended system guarantee
  • Housing of the two latest driver models (7 and 14 W) made from 80 % recycled plastic: High sustainability factor

OSRAM OT FIT CS PC – the optimal LED driver family for private residential environments and more
Today, many building developers, as well as owners of private houses or apartments, prefer state-of-the-art lighting systems with modern, dimmable LED downlights or spotlights. These can be discreetly integrated into recessed drywall ceilings, for example. Without placing themselves too much in the center of attention, their task is to provide good light and a pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, however, they should not overstretch the budget for lighting. Therefore, a good price-performance ratio and energy efficiency are also important. For just such cases, Inventronics has a clever driver solution that will please and inspire your customers: Our OSRAM OPTOTRONIC FIT CS phase-cut LED drivers! These devices work with simple leading- or trailing-edge dimmers and do not require any central controller (such as DALI, for example) or additional control lines. This simplifies installation while ensuring a particularly good price/performance ratio, as often required not only for the residential sector, but also for shop and retail environments, for restaurants and hotels, as well as for offices or hospitals.

Broad performance range, flexible application possibilities
Our OT FIT CS PC LED driver family is available in six different wattages of 7, 8, 14, 18, 30 or 40 watts. Our two latest models are particularly compact: With a height of just 22.2 mm and a maximum width of 30 mm, the extra-slim OT FIT CS PC LED drivers in 7 and 14 watts even fit into particularly low recessed ceilings! With all six driver versions, the desired current levels can be easily selected via DIP switches on the devices. Hence the abbreviation “CS” in the product name. It stands for “current setting” – a feature that makes the OSRAM OT FIT CS PC not only particularly flexible, but also future-proof: If the application profile changes, the driver can be reconfigured literally with a flick of the wrist by simply adjusting the required current via the DIP switch. We also make it particularly easy for you to choose a matching dimmer: This is because the OT FIT CS PC is compatible with the most common commercially available leading- and trailing-edge phase-cut dimmers: This means that you can enjoy maximum flexibility when searching for a suitable device.

High light quality and energy saving for modern living atmospheres
In today’s living rooms and bedrooms, as well as in kitchens or dining rooms, pleasant lighting should ensure a sense of well-being. But it should also be dimmable and energy-efficient. And thus help to save electricity and costs. Our OT FIT CS PC is an optimal LED driver for demanding, environmentally conscious customers who also have to keep an eye on their budget. The devices are equally suitable for installation in new buildings, as well as for renovation projects where existing on/off lighting solutions need a dimmable upgrade. Since the OT FIT CS PC does not require any additional control lines, connection to the dimmers and mains power lines can usually be done quickly in both cases. And soon your customers will be able to enjoy a high quality of light – thanks to low output ripple current (<5 %) and flicker-free manual dimming from 5…100 %. And the two latest driver models even add a high sustainability factor, because the housings of the OT FIT CS PC LED drivers with 7 and 14 watts are made from 80 % recycled plastic!

Even better as a system solution with LED modules from Inventronics
Due to its compact size, the OSRAM OT FIT CS PC is ideally suited for the design of dimmable spotlights and downlights in combination with the high-quality OSRAM PrevaLED COIN LED modules from Inventronics. For such combinations of LED drivers and LED modules, you will receive our extended system guarantee. Learn more about it here.

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