Software & Apps

Professional software to support your OSRAM components


Software suite for OEM use to configure all programmable OPTOTRONIC, ICUTRONIC, QUICKTRONIC and POWERTRONIC LED driver in the luminaires manufacturing process.


Software for configuration of DALI installations (in combination with a OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL control unit CONT-4 or CONT-4 RTC)

DALI Wizard

GUI for setting-up, analysis and diagnostics of DALI ECG installations (in combination with DALI Wizard hardware)

DALIeco PC Software

Software for creation of individual function modes for the DALIeco control unit product code AB3233800DG or higher.


The OSRAM BT Config App allows a fast, easy and very flexible adaption of the control to the individual requirements of the customer. The use of different controls for different application are now a thing of the past.

OSRAM BT Control

Control DALI-capable luminaires at a touch. This app lets users intuitively adjust light levels and color temperatures, save individual light scenes and manually overwrite automatic lighting control.

LUXeye Config

Set up app control to suit user preferences and get full access to all OSRAM LUXeye product configuration parameters using Bluetooth wireless technology.

LUXeye App Control

With the LUXeye app, the light can be switched on and off and, with the DALI version, also dimmed. As long as the sensors are active, the light will be switched autonomously.

DALI Pro Control

Easily manage complex lighting scenarios at a touch: switch or dim lights, change light colors or adjust the color temperature.

HubSense Commissioning

The “HubSense Com” app is a tool to carry out configurations and to test light settings for the installer and the system integrator in order to intuitively commission on site Bluetooth Mesh OSRAM components (QBM), which are qualified according to the standard.