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Linear LED strips for flexible and individualized lighting solutionsLED modules for backlighting and light advertising
Premium🛈– 7 years system warranty
– 60.000 h L90B10
– Safe dimming technology
– Bespoke variants on demand
– Made in Italy

LINEARlight Flex

IP00, Protect, Diffuse, Tunable White, Colormix

Functional🛈– 5 years system warranty
– 50.000 h L70B50
– Selection of professional use

TEC Flex

IP00, Protect, Shortpitch, Tunable White/RGB

Functional🛈– 5 years system warranty
– 50.000 h L70B50
– Selection of professional use


Side, Top, Tunable White, Colormix

Basic🛈– 3 years warranty
– 30.000 h L70B50
– IP00/IP66 protection
– CRI80


IP00, Protect


Mini/XS/S/M/L/XL/DS, Area, Tunable White


XS/M/L/Side/Eco, Indoor

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IP00 Protect Shortpitch Diffuse Colormix Tunable White

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