Homogeneous area lighting with integrated wireless control

PrevaLED Flat AC BL/CA 230 V G3 light engines with Casambi or Bluetooth technology

Beautiful, homogeneous lighting is needed in many places, for example in hotels and restaurants, in offices and public buildings or in the retail business. In many of these application cases, large areas must be illuminated, while the light source itself should usually remain discreetly in the background. At the same time, the demand for flexible, easy-to-use wireless lighting control is becoming increasingly standard. Our answer to this is PrevaLED Flat AC BL/CA 230 V G3. This family of state-of-the-art light engines covers many of today’s requirements for modern lighting. The extremely flat, round luminaires can be easily mounted on ceilings or walls (integrated LED driver), from where they create a pleasantly diffuse light and a relaxed atmosphere. Convenient control via smartphone or tablet is provided by the wireless driver technology already integrated into the light engines. They are available either with Bluetooth protocol (BL) or in the Casambi version (CA). The former also enables the use of our particularly convenient HubSense system. This attractive performance package is rounded off perfectly by the high efficiency of the devices, useful emergency lighting options with local or central battery systems and high-quality dimming from 1…100 %.

For more information about our PrevaLED Flat AC BL/CA 230 V G3 light engines, please visit our product catalog.

Data sheet: PL-FLAT-AC-CA 230V

Data sheet: PL-FLAT-AC-BL 230V

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