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Key facts at a glance
For stationary retailers, it is becoming increasingly important to provide their audience with a pleasant and exclusive shopping experience. After all, online competition never sleeps. And customers will only come back if the on-site experience is particularly positive and leaves a lasting impression. The right lighting plays an enormously important role here – whether in small shops, large department stores or shopping malls. Even in supermarkets, the right light influences millions of purchasing decisions each and every day. For the shop/retail application area, Inventronics offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art lighting technologies which can be used, for example, by luminaire manufacturers (OEMs), lighting designers or installers. With our optimally matched components and system solutions, we help to present an endless variety of products in the best light possible. And thus support numerous companies around the world in doing good business.

The ideal light for every type of merchandise: Use our extensive product portfolio
In the shop/retail application area, almost the entire range of our extensive product portfolio can be put to use. From LED drivers and modules for downlights, spotlights, wall and ceiling luminaires to LED solutions for track systems. Of course, flexible LED strips for decorative lighting design are also part of our portfolio. They expand the possibilities of product presentation with a huge bandwidth of freely selectable light colors as well as white light from cool white to warm white. And thanks to our high-performance sensor technology, peripheral areas such as corridors, storage rooms, staircases or parking garages can be lit in an especially energy-saving way. With our innovative products, we deliver high light quality. And we ensure that the focus is not on the LED luminaires themselves, but on the respective merchandise, which is presented to its best advantage. To ensure that this always works smoothly and everywhere, we offer state-of-the-art light management systems. They can be used to flexibly configure, control and monitor the entire lighting system.

Wirelessly happy – with our sustainable radio-controlled solutions
Thanks to their robust design, their long service life and their energy efficiency, our products help to protect the environment, to preserve our resources and to reduce CO2 emissions. But the expansion of our radio-controlled solutions is also playing an increasingly important role in this regard. This is because our wireless devices not only enable greater flexibility in terms of configuration, commissioning and application. But also significant savings in energy and material consumption. For example, wireless projects require significantly fewer cables to be laid. And in renovations, the use of existing components – such as light tracks – can simply be continued. In this way, we increase the sustainability factor. While at the same time making work easier for installers.

Our Highlights: Great selling points for modern shop/retail lighting
We can, of course, not present our entire product portfolio for the enormously versatile shop/retail application area here. Therefore, the following is a cross-section of our comprehensive range of solutions – based on a few outstanding examples. Learn more about our products and convince your stationary retail clients with carefully thought-out system solutions:

Wireless linear system solution with OSRAM OT Wi 35/50/80 BL/CA SELV LED drivers
Our OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent 35/50/80 BL/CA SELV LED driver family can be wirelessly controlled via smartphone or tablet. Depending on the model, either via Bluetooth (BL) or Casambi (CA). The BL version also enables the integration into our HubSense system. With the Tuner4TRONIC software suite, driver programming is also quickly done. Thanks to NFC and “box programming” even for up to 20 drivers at the same time. These devices work excellently in combination with our LED modules of the PrevaLED family (PrevaLED Linear G5/G6) and Basic Linear G3. And for energy saving, our QBM D4i LS/PD MidBay R and QBM D4i LS/PD LowBay R sensors are the state-of-the-art solution – for example in corridors or parking garages.

Wireless track system solution with OSRAM OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track LED driver
This LED driver for track lighting systems is radio-controlled, dimmable and, at a length of just 195 mm, particularly short. It is also available with either Bluetooth (BL) or Casambi (CA) protocol. Its short design allows even more drivers to be inserted on the track – ideal for shop/retail applications! Our OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent 40 NFC BL/CA Track LED driver works excellently in combination with our OSRAM PrevaLED COIN and OSRAM PrevaLED CORE LED modules for spotlights and downlights. And the Bluetooth version of the driver (OT Wi 40 NFC BL Track) can be perfectly integrated into our HubSense system.

Adaptable system solution with OSRAM OTi DALI 24V 4CH DT6/8 LED drivers and DALI PRO 2 IoT
In order to present all kinds of merchandise in an attractive and inspiring way, we recommend to use the full spectrum of possible color temperatures – including all settings from warm to cool white. With our easy-to-control lighting technology, we can help you do just that. Our brilliant system solution for the shop/retail application area consists of our versatile OSRAM OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI 24V 4CH DT6/8 G3 LED drivers, our innovative OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT light management system and our flexible OSRAM LINEARlight Flex RGBW Colormix LED strips. This system solution can be used to create dynamic lighting scenes that provide a pleasant shopping atmosphere at all times. That’s how sales can be stimulated and a higher turnover generated.

Inventronics – your system provider for shop/retail lighting technology
With the recent acquisition of OSRAM Digital Systems business in Europe and Asia, Inventronics is now a global leader in the lighting industry. We have decades of experience with the specific demands of retail companies from all over the world. That’s why we are your reliable partner for the supply of DALI-certified components and the development of perfectly matched lighting solutions. Both for wired and wireless system environments, as well as for integration into the Internet of Things (IoT). And, of course, we also provide extensive service and support, e.g., for luminaire manufacturers (OEMs), architects, light planners, building owners or facility managers.

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