Sending a strong signal for wireless lighting control: OT Wi SELV BL/CA

For more and more people today, it is already quite natural to control lighting systems via app. Therefore, the demand for innovative technologies and devices that make this possible is also increasing. Wireless technology is already integrated in our new OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent SELV BL/CA LED drivers. Not only do they make lighting control easier, but they also significantly reduce the amount of work involved in configuring, installing and commissioning modern LED lighting systems.

As the name suggests, our OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent SELV BL/CA LED drivers are available with two different communication protocols. Either with pre-installed Bluetooth technology (BL), which offers the additional advantage that our innovative HubSense system can also be used. Or as the popular Casambi version (CA) which is equipped with a wireless protocol that is also widely used on the market. Moreover, both models are available in 35, 50 or 80 W versions, which are perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications. But whatever you or your customers decide: With our OT Wi SELV BL and OT Wi SELV CA LED drivers, you will definitely send a strong signal for wireless lighting control!
Are you also getting more and more requests for wireless lighting solutions? Then you should definitely get to know our brand-new OT Wi SELV BL and OT Wi SELV CA LED drivers. SELV stands for “Safety Extra Low Voltage”. This means that our drivers always keep the output voltage below the maximum defined voltage, ensuring an easier luminaire integration without any specific additional protection. They are ideal for use in luminaires for state-of-the-art offices, but can also be used in upscale retail environments, such as shops or department stores. But the long list of advantages already begins way before the actual installation. Because thanks to our Tuner4TRONIC software suite and wireless configuration via NFC (which stands for “near-field communication”), programming the drivers before installation is easier and more time-saving than ever before. Even the NFC configuration of several LED drivers at the same time is easily possible thanks to modern “box programming”.

Our OT Wi SELV BL/CA also simplify and shorten work on site – because, thanks to the integrated wireless technology, fewer cables need to be connected and routed during installation. What’s more, their slim design makes these drivers particularly suitable for installation in modern, slimline luminaire types, for example in floor-standing, wall-mounted, pendant or recessed ceiling luminaires. This means that OT Wi SELV BL/CA LED drivers – whether for offices, shops, department stores or other application areas – enable the design and construction of contemporary lighting systems. After all, the focus here is often not so much on the luminaires themselves, but rather on the light they emit. This also gives you another strong argument when talking to your customers about the use of a wireless solution. Of course, luminaires equipped with OT Wi SELV BL/CA are also dimmable, because these drivers enable 1…100 % dimming with low ripple current. This means that there is no visible flicker, which is not only easy on the human eye, but also beneficial for fatigue-free work, especially at the computer screen. And the fact that each of these drivers is equipped with a radio antenna has yet another advantage: The individual LED luminaires can also communicate wirelessly with each other. With a range of 10 meters, this works exceptionally well in offices, for example. All you have to do is make sure that no metallic parts or power cables interfere with the radio signal. Finally, thanks to SELV (safe extra-low voltage), the drivers offer special protection against electric shock, which is a great safety advantage especially – but not only – for installers.
But that’s still not all, because we have also thought of the ideal LED modules that work optimally in combination with our OT Wi SELV BL/CA LED drivers: With the LED modules of our PrevaLED family, you choose the ideal complement for a state-of-the-art, radio-controlled system solution of your lighting installation. And your customers enjoy the additional benefit of our system guarantee, which has a significantly longer duration compared to our guarantee on individual components.

By the way, speaking of system solutions: If you choose the Bluetooth version when selecting your LED drivers, the wireless configuration and control of the lighting system on site can be done via our HubSense system, which offers further advantages for installers, lighting designers and end users, for example. The HubSense system is based on the Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) radio standard and is particularly suitable for single and open-plan offices, but also for conference rooms, corridors or stairwells. Thanks to HubSense, existing lighting systems can be retrofitted with simple means and without new cabling. This results in very efficient, wireless lighting control systems that can, without much effort, be flexibly adapted to changing room situations. This is because HubSense is easily scalable, easy to understand and intuitive to use – from convenient planning with the web app to commissioning via smartphone and mobile app to the easy usage of the system: With HubSense, everyone involved works more efficiently and economically, thus saving time and money across all project phases.

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