The new OTi DALI HV LED driver series: pioneering sustainable lighting solutions for retail and industrial applications

Discover the powerful OTi DALI HV L series setting new standards with its high output voltage and energy efficiency.

The development of the OTi DALI D NFC HV L LED drivers was motivated by a clear market demand for a more flexible and powerful lighting solution. Existing DALI drivers often fell short of meeting the needs for high power and extended reach required for certain applications. In contrast, industrial drivers offer functionalities only needed in heavy industry applications. The OTi DALI NFC HV L LED driver strikes an ideal balance, designed to deliver high power and long module connectivity without unnecessary complexity, making it the perfect choice for various retail, industry space, and warehouse applications.

Powering extra-long module lines with precision
The core of the OTi DALI D NFC HV L driver series is its innovative capability to deliver high output voltages. These are crucial for long power connections and specifically optimized for extra-long module lines, boasting high Vout up to 300V. Notably, the LED driver family offers high-power clusters available up to 150 W, tailor-made for light lines and trunking systems. These extended power options provide versatile solutions for a variety of applications without sacrificing efficiency or performance. Thanks to its high efficiency of up 96 % and the integration of advanced DALI DATA energy and temperature monitoring functions, the OTi DALI HV series reflects Inventronics’ commitment to sustainable and efficient lighting solutions.

The system solution: in perfect harmony with the Inventronics ecosystem
The integration into a cohesive system unlocks the true potential of the OTi DALI HV driver series. When combined with top-tier LED modules such as PrevaLED Linear G6, PrevaLED Linear G5, and PrevaLED Linear IND, and enhanced by Tuner4TRONIC programming and connectivity technologies, the series exemplifies the perfect harmony of compatibility and performance, underscored by reliable engineering.

Sustainable lighting for tomorrow’s spaces
In settings where lighting is crucial, such as retail, industrial applications, and logistics centers, the OTi DALI series by Inventronics emerges as the quintessential choice. Its adaptability to various lighting configurations, alongside features like dimming, TouchDIM and Constant Lumen Output (CLO), facilitates a constant and eco-friendly lighting experience. Its robustness to operate at temperatures of up to 55 °C (Ta) further underscores its suitability for challenging environments.

Step into the future with the OTi DALI 150 D NFC HV L LED driver series from Inventronics
Discover the full potential of this first-class driver, a 100 W version will also be available soon.

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