D4i-certified, dimmable, highly efficient: OTi DEXAL 35/50/80 NFC L SELV LED drivers

This driver lets you decide for yourself when it’s time for a wireless solution

Our brand-new OSRAM OPTOTRONIC intelligent DEXAL 35/50/80 NFC L SELV is designed to provide you and your customers with the utmost flexibility. This D4i-certified, linear constant-current indoor LED driver (with ingress protection IP20) features an integrated interface, allowing you to upgrade to a sustainable wireless solution at any time. Just connect the necessary radio modules and/or radio-controlled sensors via the integrated interface certified in accordance with the DiiA Specification DALI Part -250. In addition to this innovative feature, OTi DX 35/50/80 NFC L SELV comes with numerous other benefits, such as its high efficiency (of up to 91 %), superior lighting quality thanks to a low ripple current of ≤3 % and top-notch amplitude dimming in the 1…100 % range. Further advantages include fast and wireless driver programming via NFC, as well as DiiA-certified DALI data (Parts -251 to -253), thus enabling operating parameter monitoring and analysis of the LED luminaires connected. OTi DX 35/50/80 NFC L SELV is available in three different power levels: 35, 50, or 80 watts. It is the perfect choice for both linear and area LED lighting for office, retail, and shop applications, etc.

Would you like to find out more about OSRAM OTi DEXAL 35/50/80 NFC L SELV LED drivers? Our product catalog provides detailed information.

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