On track for success: OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track LED drivers

Shorter, more flexible, radio-controlled: Our OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent 40 BL/CA Track LED drivers for lighting track systems

Key facts at a glance
OSRAM OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track from Inventronics are wireless, dimmable LED drivers for lighting track systems. They are available in two different versions: either with Bluetooth (BL) or alternatively with Casambi protocol (CA). The big advantage here: When upgrading from conventional on/off systems to dimmable systems with wireless technology, you can simply keep using the existing tracks. This is because the drivers are compatible with many conventional track connection systems.

Plus, no additional cables need to be laid, which is also good for the investment as well as for the environment. At only 195 mm, the new drivers are also particularly short, allowing more drivers to be installed on the track and thus better grouping of light points in very short distances from each other. This means increased flexibility for end users, for example in the shop/retail application area. Here, existing lighting scenarios can be adapted to changing needs in virtually no time at all.

OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track with Bluetooth or Casambi communication protocol
Depending on the driver model, your OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track comes with either Bluetooth (BL) or Casambi (CA) pre-installed as the communication protocol. Both technologies enable wireless communication for commissioning and control of the LED driver via commercially available smart devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The Bluetooth version (with Qualified Bluetooth Mesh, QBM) additionally works perfectly within the OSRAM HubSense ecosystem, which is becoming increasingly popular for application in offices and in the hospitality industry, but now also in the shop/retail sector. And in terms of good looks, the new drivers are also top of the line: To match the most popular lighting track colors, they are available in white, black or gray.

Fast and easy programming
Prior to installation, the drivers can be programmed easily and quickly via the OSRAM Tuner4TRONIC software suite and wirelessly via Near-Field Communication (NFC). Thanks to “box programming” it is even possible to program up to 20 drivers in one go. This saves an enormous amount of time, especially for medium and large-scale lighting projects.

Fast and easy installation
Installation is also very simple and done in just a few steps: The respective luminaire head with the LED module can be connected to the driver through an opening in the housing. In the process, the cables are fed through a rotatable hollow thread. This way, the luminaire head can later be flexibly rotated and brought into the right position for optimal lighting. Then all that remains is to insert the now new dimmable luminaires into the existing on/off track– done! An upgrade also results in less waste because no new cables and no new light tracks need to be procured and installed. An excellent solution for retrofit projects!

High efficiency, less complexity
OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track are very energy-efficient and offer high light quality thanks to amplitude dimming (1…100 %) and low ripple current (flicker). Moreover, the fact that there is only one 40 W version of this device means less complexity in terms of stockkeeping – because, thanks to the very wide operating window (150-1050 mA), luminaire manufacturers (OEMs) only need to keep a single driver version in stock which can be used for many different lighting projects. The output current for the respective LED module can be easily programmed into the LED driver.

Possibly the shortest LED driver of its kind
Another big plus: OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track LED drivers are only 195 mm long. This means that they are quite possibly the shortest dimmable wireless drivers for lighting track systems currently available. It also means that the light points can be installed closer to each other. For end users, the result is greater flexibility, because they are now able to group more light points together at shorter lengths.

Flexible, versatile, cutting-edge!
Speaking of light points: Our OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track LED drivers are of course compatible with many commercially available LED modules – from spotlights and downlights to linear LED modules. But they also work excellently in combination with OSRAM PrevaLED COIN and OSRAM PrevaLED CORE LED modules. For end customers, an additional advantage here is the longer system guarantee. But no matter which solution you choose: With OT Wi 40 NFC BL/CA Track, you and your customers will benefit from cutting-edge, state-of-the-art driver technology!

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