Sometimes the simple solution is just right: OSRAM ICUTRONIC DALI 15/30/42 CS

Not too much, not too little: IT DALI CS – the compact indoor LED driver for efficient lighting of high-end environments

Key facts at a glance
It combines straightforward lighting technology with sustainability and an excellent price-performance ratio: The OSRAM ICUTRONIC DALI 15/30/42 CS from Inventronics is a super-compact, DALI-2-certified, wired indoor LED driver that shows its strengths also in high-end application environments. Most notably in private houses and apartments, but also in offices, the hospitality industry or in the retail business, this driver offers high performance with familiar functions in uncompromising quality. Thanks to the many advantages of the IT DALI CS, you can present convincing selling points to your customers for the realization of cost-optimizing LED luminaires.

Features and benefits

  • Three different wattages, eight different output currents: High application flexibility with low complexity for warehouse management and production planning
  • Very compact design: Miniaturization enables elegant, slim and modern luminaire designs
  • IT DALI 15 CS with housing made of 80 % recycled plastic: High sustainability factor
  • High quality of light due to low ripple current
  • Energy savings thanks to high-quality amplitude dimming: 1…100 % via the DALI interface
  • With Touch DIM function: Enables easy dimming and switching via pushbuttons
  • Emergency Lighting (EL) capability: Installation in emergency lighting systems possible

Eco-friendly and easy on the budget: Help your customers save power and costs!
When it comes to lighting, people today are increasingly focusing on their budgets. This is true even in high-end environments, such as private homes, as well as in offices, the hospitality industry, or the retail business. And not only in terms of investment and installation costs, but also in terms of potential savings in electricity consumption. Especially in times of rising energy and raw material prices, it is therefore very important to have strong selling points for the refurbishment or even completely new installation of energy-efficient LED-based lighting systems. And it is precisely these strong selling points that the dimmable OSRAM ICUTRONIC 15/30/42 CS LED drivers from Inventronics provide.

Convince even demanding customers with clever features
Our IT DALI CS is a straightforward LED driver that comes with a number of useful features. It is ideal for applications that do not require many extras, such as those offered by our OPTOTRONIC drivers. And yet, thanks to its carefully selected features, this driver can also be used optimally in the high-end residential sector. Here, with its low ripple current and sophisticated amplitude dimming via the DALI interface, it delivers the high quality of light that end customers with high expectations like to see in their living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. And the IT DALI CS always offers a good price-performance package. Whether it is a completely new installation or an upgrade of existing on/off lighting systems with a DALI interface. The IT DALI CS allows dimming of the LED luminaires and thus a significant reduction in energy costs. Seen in this light, it is even profitable to install these LED drivers in peripheral areas, such as corridors, staircases or restrooms.

Future-proof and flexible thanks to a wide output current range
The OSRAM IT DALI CS is available in three wattages with 15, 30 or 42 watts. Each of these drivers offers eight different output currents (from 100 to 1050 mA), which, depending on the application profile, can be freely selected via DIP switches on the device. Hence the abbreviation “CS” in the product name. It stands for “current setting” – a feature that makes the IT DALI CS not only particularly flexible, but also future-proof: If the application profile changes, the driver can be reconfigured literally with a flick of the wrist by simply adjusting the required current via the DIP switch.

Even better as a system solution with LED modules from Inventronics
Due to its very compact size, the IT DALI CS is ideally suited for the creation of elegant, slim and modern LED luminaires – for example for the design of spotlights and downlights in combination with the high-quality and dimmable OSRAM PrevaLED COIN LED modules from Inventronics. For such combinations of LED drivers and LED modules, you will receive our extended system guarantee. Learn more about it here.

Reliable, efficient and sustainable – also for flush-mounted LED ceiling luminaires
Our IT DALI CS LED drivers can also be used for flush-mounted LED ceiling luminaires. In offices, for example, in the hospitality and catering sector or in retail, and of course also in private residential spaces. During installation, they effortlessly disappear through small holes in the suspended drywall ceiling – where they reliably and efficiently perform their service throughout their entire life cycle. Our proven Touch DIM function is also on board, by the way. It enables convenient dimming and switching of the LED luminaires via modern pushbuttons, thus completing the clever package of selected features that make these drivers so convincing – also and especially to your customers. Moreover, one of the drivers in this product family, the IT DALI 15 CS, already has a housing that is made from 80 % recycled plastic, thus giving it a high sustainability factor. And last but not least, all of our OSRAM ICUTRONIC DALI 15/30/42 CS LED drivers have the Emergency Lighting (EL) capability, which makes them suitable for professional installations in emergency lighting systems (according to IEC 61347-2-3, appendix J).

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