The easy way to install LED drivers: OT D-style cable clamps

Pre-configured D-style cable clamps for ON/OFF and DALI LED drivers: network and DALI cables can be simply “looped through”.

Lighting installations can now be mounted much faster than ever before: with cable clamps for quick and easy cable fastening. Thanks to OT D-style cable clamps, LED drivers can also be complemented by this useful accessory. It is available in two versions: one for ON/OFF LED drivers such as OT FIT NFC, OT FIT CS G3 or IT FIT CS and another one for DALI drivers such as IT DALI CS. Both variants are suitable for different cable types and ensure that both network and DALI cables can be simply “looped through”.

They provide sufficient space for connecting cables while enabling unobstructed cable connection through the open lid. Thus, the pre-assembled cable clamps make it really easy to install downlights or flat luminaires in no time at all.

Optimize your installation procedure with our cost-efficient, space-saving OT D-Style cable clamps!

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