Redesign your outdoor lighting, with efficiency and flexibility combined in a single unit

The new OT DX XX/170-240/1A0 2CH NFC LED drivers: dual channel for dynamic outdoor applications

Welcome to the future of outdoor lighting
In a world where requirements for state-of-the-art outdoor lighting are becoming increasingly complex, Inventronics is stepping up with a solution that promises to change the lighting industry.
The new OT DX … 2CH NFC LED drivers, which will be available in 40 and 75 watts, are so much more than just a product: they’re real game changers! With their two channels and advanced D4i features, they are designed to meet the diverse needs of OEM luminaire manufacturers, municipalities, and lighting designers alike. Scheduled to be available from October 2024, these innovative LED drivers will set a new standard in outdoor lighting.

Needs-oriented lighting for modern applications
Latest-generation outdoor lighting goes far beyond simple illumination: it also reduces light pollution, enhances safety, provides visual comfort, protects biodiversity while providing light and CCT values on demand. The OT DX … 2CH NFC LED drivers meet these needs with precision:

Imagine streets bathed in a warmer glow at night – and this even with reduced light pollution while maintaining standard CCTs during peak hours. Intelligent lighting provides safety by adjusting the light for different areas of the street, brightly illuminating pedestrian crossings while conserving energy on the roadway whenever the situation permits it.

Urban areas require thoughtful lighting; warmer CCTs transform cityscapes into welcoming spaces for evening strollers and night revelers. And: Roads near parks switch to amber CCTs to protect local wildlife, impressively demonstrating how modern lighting can harmonize with nature.

Technical excellence at its core
At the heart of the OT DX … 2CH NFC is cutting-edge technology designed for versatility and performance. It’s not just about lighting but also about intelligent control and efficiency.

  • Dual channels for flexibility: The unique combination of two independent channels, together with the AstroDIM, DT8 /DT6 and D4i functions, allows for a variety of applications. Thus, you can deploy two separate light sources in one luminaire, each tailored to a specific event or need.
  • High efficiency in a compact design: Compared to traditional drivers, the OT DX … 2CH NFC CE offer higher efficiency and a more compact form factor.
  • Versatile dimming options: The drivers support multiple dimming levels through the AstroDIM feature, enabling autonomous dimming profiles to control light flux and CCT. Using simple stand-alone sensors, they interrupt the AstroDIM profile to trigger a specific lighting scene and then seamlessly return to the predefined profile. The StepDIM feature allows a temporary scene change whenever traffic or road conditions require it.

Developed for ease of use and durability
Designed for robust performance, the OT DX 2CH LED drivers are designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. One of their key features is high surge protection, which can withstand electrical surges of up to 10 kV, ensuring reliability in even extreme conditions. Combined with integrated ESD protection, the risk of damage from electrostatic discharge is minimized, significantly increasing the lifespan and reliability of the drivers.

Efficient circuit management is another key benefit. Thanks to the drivers’ ability to control a limited inrush current, a larger number of devices can be operated per circuit breaker. This design reduces overall installation costs and simplifies the electrical infrastructure required for large lighting installations, making the drivers an economical and practical choice.

Programming is simple and efficient for hassle-free installation. Fully programmable via Tuner4Tronic software, the drivers support both the DALI-2 interface and NFC programming. This ensures easy installation and configuration, allowing the drivers to be quickly adapted to various requirements.

Seamless system integration
The new OT DEXAL two-channel generation is designed to simplify and enhance outdoor lighting solutions. Where previously two different drivers were required, one device now does it all, saving cost and space while enabling precise lighting control. Simply ideal for street lighting, urban areas and even decorative outdoor lighting.
When paired with the PrevaLED BRICK HP 3800 2×8 HE LED module from Inventronics, the two channels of the module offer various LED color temperatures. Based on the Zhaga Book 15 standard platform, this product family enables single- and combined-channel operation, optimizing the CCT and the light flux for specific needs. Easy integration into existing luminaires or customization for new designs: the system stands out due to its high flexibility.

Sustainability and long-term performance
Efficiency and durability are at the heart of the OT DX … 2CH NFC. Enhanced surge and ESD protection ensure a long-lasting solution: an investment that is not only financially viable, but also sustainable. Inventronics is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities. Therefore, we prefer recycled materials and refrain from using potting compounds.

Experience the new era
The future of outdoor lighting is here! Discover how the OT DX … 2CH NFC can transform your lighting projects already today and contact as at

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