Leading the way into a new era of surge protection: discover the SPD series generation 3 by Inventronics! 

Slim, powerful, and reliable 
With Generation 3 of its Surge Protection Device (SPD) product family, Inventronics offers an innovative surge protection device designed to enhance the safety and durability of outdoor lighting systems. Developed to meet the demand for reliable and efficient surge protection, this new device generation offers a slim solution that seamlessly integrates into state-of-the-art luminaire designs. 

The SPD 3 Series – addressing the challenges of modern outdoor lighting 
With the development of the third generation of its SPD product family, Inventronics responds to the increasing demand of industry and municipalities for robust surge protection that keeps pace with evolving outdoor lighting designs. Since these luminaires are becoming more and more compact, small yet powerful protection devices are in even greater demand today. In line with the trend towards miniaturization, Inventronics has reduced the height of these devices by 30 %, creating a slimmer yet highly effective device. This novel design ensures that the surge protection device fully meets the requirements of modern luminaires while offering superior protection, ensuring reliable luminaire operation throughout its service life. 

What makes the SPD series generation 3 stand out?
The third generation provides much more than just improvement; it is a significant leap forward in surge protection technology! The slim size of these devices makes them easy to integrate into various luminaire designs or to mount externally, offering unparalleled flexibility. Optimized for up to 320 V input voltage and capable of handling up to 5 A, they provide comprehensive protection against electrical surges, which is a critical criterion for the durability and reliability of outdoor lighting installations. Moreover, these devices meet the requirements for T2 and T3 classification, offering flexible installation options, whether inside the luminaire or on the mast in street lighting setups. With IP20 or IP65 ingress protection, they are suited for a wide range of outdoor environments.

System excellence
Designed to work in harmony with Inventronics drivers and modules, the SPD series creates a perfect system. Its integration not only optimizes the operation conditions for a long service life, but also significantly reduces maintenance costs. Certified in accordance with IEC 61643-11, this surge protection device is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, providing a solution that addresses the core needs of modern outdoor lighting applications.

Dive into the future of surge protection with Generation 3 of our SPD product family! Find out more in our product catalog!

Product nameEAN 10EAN 40Technical data
SPD 10/320 D G369770789928246977078992831Product data sheet
SPD 10/320 G369770789926956977078992718Product data sheet
SPD 10/320 P5 G369770789927496977078992756Product data sheet
SPD 10/320 PL P5 G369770789927876977078992794Product data sheet
SPD 20/320 D G369770789928486977078992855Product data sheet
SPD 20/320 G369770789927256977078992732Product data sheet
SPD 20/320 P5 G369770789927636977078992770Product data sheet
SPD 20/320 PL P5 G369770789928006977078992817Product data sheet

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