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Wherever a lot of light is needed, area and sports lighting systems provide exceptional brightness, excellent visibility and a high level of safety. They are used for many industrial outdoor areas, such as cargo handling stations, container depots, oil refineries, chemical plants, large construction sites or airfield aprons. And it is practically impossible to imagine the world’s major sports stadiums without them. Here, their floodlights thrill the fans and guarantee a safe game for the athletes. They have also become indispensable for photo and video recordings as well as for live TV broadcasts. But they can also be found at other sports venues, such as on skiing slopes or in motor sports. The size of these installations, however, usually also means high power consumption, high maintenance requirements and high costs – but only if they are operated with conventional lighting technologies. With energy-saving LED solutions, operators can reduce these expenses to a fraction. An investment that quickly pays for itself. As a global market leader in the lighting industry, Inventronics offers you everything you need for the planning and design of state-of-the-art, energy-saving and digitally controllable LED systems for area or sports lighting. Whether for small, medium, large or even very large locations, for new installations as well as for renovation projects.

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