LED solutions for large area and sports lighting installations

The powerful system solution: NES 1K8 LED drivers with PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards

Key facts at a glance
Large floodlight systems are mainly used in recreational and professional sports, but also in a variety of industrial outdoor applications. Modern LED technologies are ideal for keeping the operating costs of these systems as low as possible. Particularly powerful and versatile LED drivers such as the NES 1K8 from Inventronics help to further reduce power consumption and maintenance effort through the use of intelligent dimming functions and bidirectional digital communication. When combined with our energy-efficient PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards, the result is a powerful system solution that provides near-daylight visibility and can even be used as a “lightshow”. If you would like to know how you can make the most of our state-of-the-art LED technologies for your next floodlighting project, please read on!

Features and benefits

  • NES 1K8: It’s really quite impressive what these highly efficient 3-channel LED drivers from Inventronics can do. With their enormous performance of 1800 watts, they are ideal for application in large area or sports lighting systems. And with their intelligent features, they help operators to leverage their amazing versatility to the maximum extent.
  • PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE: Wherever large outdoor areas need to be illuminated, these durable, high-performance and robust LED boards ensure brightness, safety, high energy efficiency and low power consumption.
  • Customized PrevaLED BRICK LED boards: Based on the same technology, customer-specific solutions for our LED boards can be offered, in order to meet specific demands on existing luminaires or optical systems.
  • QBM D4i LS P Z sensors: These wirelessly controllable light sensors work without control lines. Based on the available daylight, they control the lighting in a very efficient and energy-saving way.
  • SPD PU-10K: These small, but useful surge protection devices from Inventronics are like an additional insurance against unforeseen current peaks – they don’t cost much, but do a lot for the safety of your LED luminaires!

State-of-the-art LED technology for places that need lots of light
In professional sports venues, such as soccer arenas or athletics stadiums, particularly large floodlight systems with very high masts are widely used. But they can also be found in winter sports, where they illuminate ski slopes almost as bright as day so that people can continue skiing even after dark. There, they also make the work of snow groomer drivers safer, which usually takes place at night. Another possible application is in motor racing, where certain competitions can last all night, such as 24-hour car races.

Powerful floodlighting systems are also required for many industrial applications, such as cargo handling stations, container depots, oil refineries, chemical plants, large construction sites or airfield aprons. In recent years, all of these areas have seen an increase in the use of LED lighting systems. These systems offer many advantages over conventional floodlighting solutions, ranging from high electricity cost savings and more flexible lighting control to greater lighting comfort, a longer service life and improved safety. In addition, the high light quality of LED floodlight systems ensures ideal conditions for photo or video shoots and live broadcasts of major sporting events. An excellent example of this is our high-performance system solution, which consists of the powerful and versatile NES 1K8 LED drivers, our energy-efficient PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards and other useful accessories:

NES 1K8 3-channel LED drivers: Extremely powerful and flexibly controllable
Our programmable NES 1K8 constant-current LED drivers were developed for a wide range of applications. With three channels, 1800 watts of power, an ultra-high efficiency of up to 97 % and 198-457 VAC input voltage, this driver family is suitable for installation on high masts in large sports stadiums, but also for many industrial applications. The high efficiency of these drivers and their compact metal housing enable cooler operation, which significantly increases their reliability and service life, especially when used outdoors. To ensure trouble-free operation, they are also protected against short circuits and a whole range of potentially damaging over- and undervoltages. But probably the biggest advantage over conventional floodlighting systems is the extremely flexible control offered by the NES 1K8 LED driver: Not only does it support two-way communication via DALI-2, but also in accordance with the latest D4i standard, which enables the integration of our wirelessly controllable QBM D4i LS P Z sensors. These activate the LED lighting system based on the available daylight, thus helping operators to save even more electricity and costs. The drivers are also equipped with an integrated DMX solution. As a result, it becomes possible to use your LED floodlight system like a “lightshow” – and thus to emotionally showcase outstanding athletic performances with impressive visual effects.

PrevaLED BRICK HP and HP/HE: High performance, low power consumption
LED modules for outdoor use are available from various manufacturers. With the PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards from Inventronics, you are definitely making the right choice: These durable, high-performance and robust modules are ideal for illuminating outdoor areas or sports fields as bright as day, while keeping power consumption as low as possible. For lighting systems with high utilization, we recommend our PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE LED boards: They offer the decisive plus in terms of energy efficiency and help your customers to save even more electricity. Both LED boards are suitable for optics from third-party manufacturers and can be easily combined with our NES 1K8 LED driver family. The temperature of the PrevaLED BRICK HP and PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE LED boards can be monitored using an external NTC wire to protect them from overheating. The NTC wire can be installed either on a bracket near the luminaire or up to 300 m away (e. g. at the base of the mast or in a cabinet) – and is always reliably protected against rain and against the UV radiation of the sun. Of course, we can also help you develop customized PrevaLED BRICK LED boards so that you can meet special requirements for your area or sports lighting in the best possible way. To do so, simply get in touch with Inventronics. We will gladly advise and support you!

QBM D4i LS P Z sensors: Floodlighting only when it is really needed
With the QBM D4i LS P Z, Inventronics offers a D4i-certified QBM light sensor for outdoor applications which is perfectly compatible with our NES 1K8 LED driver family. The light-sensitive, wirelessly controllable device can be programmed so that the artificial light is only powered up when the available daylight alone is no longer sufficient to ensure safety and good visibility. This clever technology is also suitable for large area or sports lighting systems, where it helps operators to save even more electricity and costs.

SPD PU-10K product family – the small additional insurance for your LED systems
Especially in outdoor applications, LED lighting systems are often exposed to conditions that can damage them. These include indirect lightning strikes or sudden fluctuations in the power grid, which can be triggered by larger electrical devices being switched on and off in the vicinity. With our additionally available SPD PU-10K surge protection devices, LED lighting systems can be effectively protected against such damage.

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