LED solutions for small to medium-sized area and sports lighting installations 

Switch to LED operation now – with OT 4DIM G3 or OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers and PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards

Key facts at a glance
In many places, small to medium-sized area and sports lighting installations are still equipped with conventional lighting technology (such as HID luminaires). This is despite the fact that, in these areas of application as well, today’s LED technology is the better, more energy-efficient, more sustainable and more flexible solution. With state-of-the-art LED components from Inventronics, you can ensure optimal, future-proof and energy-saving lighting wherever small to medium-sized outdoor areas need to be brightly illuminated.

Features and benefits

  • OT 4DIM G3: This LED driver offers a flexible choice of four different dimming methods (including DALI), helping to control and keep the power consumption of small to medium-sized area and sports lighting systems consistently low.
  • OT DEXAL G2: Planning to convert a small or medium-sized area or sports lighting system to modern LED lighting with optional wireless functions, but without much effort? With the D4i-certified OT DEXAL G2 LED driver, this is possible at any time.
  • QBM D4i LS/PD P Z sensors: These wirelessly controllable light and presence sensors work without control lines and, thanks to standardized interfaces, can be installed particularly quickly into the LED luminaire – of course also as a retrofit.  
  • PrevaLED BRICK High Power (HP): Wherever outdoor areas need to be floodlighted, these durable, high-performance and robust LED boards ensure brightness, safety and low power consumption.
  • PrevaLED BRICK High Power/High Efficiency (HP/HE): These LED boards offer the decisive plus in terms of energy efficiency – which pays off especially in LED lighting systems with a high number of operating hours.
  • Customized PrevaLED BRICK LED boards: Based on the same technology, customer-specific solutions for our LED boards can be offered, in order to meet specific demands on luminaires or optical systems.
  • SPD D / G2: These small, but useful surge protection devices are like an additional insurance against unforeseen current peaks – they don’t cost much, but do a lot for the safety of your LED luminaires!

More light for safety and good visibility
Certain outdoor areas need to be very brightly lit in the evening and at night. This applies in particular to commercial areas with high requirements in terms of health and safety at work as well as property protection. Good examples of this are airports, container ports or outdoor industrial facilities, as well as parking lots. The brightness and efficiency of area lighting also plays an important role in sports venues. In addition to safety aspects, good visibility for athletes and spectators and excellent lighting conditions for video and photo shoots are also important here.

Great improvements compared to conventional lighting methods
Even for small and medium-sized outdoor facilities, particularly bright area lighting can bring many advantages. High-performance and energy-efficient LED components from Inventronics ensure that operations can continue to run smoothly in the evening or at night. They also help to prevent accidents, theft and even robberies – for example in outdoor commercial areas, at filling stations or in parking lots. Small or medium-sized sports facilities such as training grounds, skate parks, basketball, tennis or badminton courts and winter sports facilities such as ice hockey rinks or skiing slopes also benefit from our state-of-the-art LED technology. Compared to conventional methods, it provides very good – and on top of that dimmable – lighting that saves a lot of electricity. But how exactly does it all work and which devices do you need to make it happen? Read on and learn more about it here!

OT 4DIM G3 LED driver: Saving energy and costs thanks to the dimming function
The OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 LED driver from Inventronics is perfect for area lighting with low to medium-height masts, e. g. in parking lots or public parks, as well as for lighting small to medium-sized sports fields, e. g. tennis courts or skate parks. To save electricity in such places, the device offers a choice of four different dimming methods, with StepDIM (i. e. dimming via a second mains line) and dimming via DALI protocol being the two most important ones for these application areas. This means that the driver can be switched to the desired dimming method at any time. And it makes it particularly easy to adapt the dimming function of the driver to the application at hand, for example when modernizing existing systems. Added to this are a very attractive price/performance ratio, an output current accuracy of 3 %, high overvoltage protection of up to 10 kV and integrated temperature management (“Driver Guard”), which ensures a long service life for the devices, especially when used outdoors.

OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers: Particularly future-proof thanks to intelligent interfaces
The OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 from Inventronics offers a high degree of flexibility. With this future-proof, D4i- certified LED driver, existing small or medium-sized area or sports lighting systems can be converted to modern LED lighting without too much effort. Thanks to intelligent, standardized interfaces, the device enables the integration of wirelessly controllable D4i sensors or light management control nodes at any time – either from the very beginning or as an upgrade at a later date. And all without having to replace or modify the luminaires. This opens up a new dimension in control and monitoring, which can be used for predictive maintenance and reducing power consumption, for example. This means that the electricity and maintenance costs of the system can be kept consistently low. And thanks to this, the investment costs also quickly pay for themselves. In addition, the luminaires can be configured and controlled wirelessly via our tried-and-tested HubSense system, simply by using a smartphone or tablet. The OT DEXAL G2 also impresses with its improved resistance to overvoltage and electrostatic discharge as well as with its more compact housing. And its larger operating window streamlines warehousing, as one driver can be used for several light profiles. In addition, a powerful NFC antenna facilitates programming from the top of the driver, making it easier to access during production or during maintenance in the field. And last but not least, this device also scores highly in terms of sustainability: Its housing is made from 80 % recycled plastic, with the housing material also supporting the recycling process at the end of the product’s service life.

QBM D4i LS/PD P Z sensors: Light only where and when it is needed
Especially in small and medium-sized outdoor lighting systems, the use of modern sensor technology can make all the difference: With presence sensors, the light can be dimmed accordingly or switched off completely wherever there is no permanent operation. And light sensors can be programmed so that the light is only switched on when the available daylight alone is no longer sufficient to ensure safety and good visibility – a clever energy-saving strategy that works particularly well in outdoor areas. With various D4i-certified QBM devices, Inventronics offers a very robust sensor portfolio for outdoor applications that is perfectly matched to OT DEXAL G2. These include, for example, PIR sensors such as the QBM D4i PD P Z and light-controlled sensors such as the QBM D4i LS P Z.

PrevaLED BRICK HP and HP/HE: High performance, low power consumption
LED modules for outdoor use are available from various manufacturers. With the PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards from Inventronics, you are definitely making the right choice: These durable, high-performance and robust modules are ideal for illuminating outdoor areas or sports fields as bright as day, while keeping power consumption as low as possible. Does your customer operate a lighting system with high-capacity utilization? Then we recommend our PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE LED boards: They provide the decisive plus in terms of energy efficiency and help your customers to save even more power. Both PrevaLED BRICK HP and PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE feature a built-in temperature measurement via NTC, which protects them from the extreme temperature conditions that often occur in outdoor applications. Both LED boards are suitable for optics from third-party manufacturers and are designed for operation with our OT 4DIM G3 or OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers. The ideal solution for customers who are asking for optimum system performance and maximum compatibility. Of course, we can also help you develop customized PrevaLED BRICK LED boards so that you can meet special requirements for your area or sports lighting in the best possible way. To do so, simply get in touch with Inventronics. We will gladly advise and support you!

SPD D / G2: The little extra insurance for LED systems
Especially in outdoor applications, LED lighting systems are often exposed to conditions that can damage them. These include indirect lightning strikes or sudden fluctuations in the power grid, which can be triggered by large electrical devices being switched on and off in the vicinity. With the additionally available SPD D / G2 surge protection devices from Inventronics, LED lighting systems can be effectively protected against such damage. They act like an additional insurance against unforeseen current peaks. Are they optional? Yes. And yet they are the best possible choice!

Even better with our system guarantee
By the way: Customers who combine our OT 4DIM G3 or OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers with our PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED modules benefit from Inventronics’ extended system guarantee. Read more about our guarantee conditions here.

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