State-of-the-art area and sports lighting for more safety, light quality and efficiency 

Special places need special lighting: Inventronics supplies cutting-edge LED technology for energy-saving floodlight luminaires

Key facts at a glance
Planning to equip an industrial outdoor area or sports facility with a modern lighting system? The new Inventronics now offers you more options for this than ever before: By taking over the business of OSRAM Digital Systems in Europe and Asia, we are leveraging our position as a global market leader in the lighting industry to set international standards also in area and sports lighting. With our state-of-the-art LED components and our future-proof system solutions from both the technological worlds of OSRAM DS and Inventronics, you can create floodlight installations that will impress your customers and help them save power and costs. In combination with our optional additional devices, our innovative LED drivers and LED modules increase the quality of light, make the your luminaires digitally controllable and help ensure safety on site. Discover now how you can optimally leverage today’s possibilities in area and sports lighting for your upcoming projects! 

Features and benefits 

  • Durable and robust LED system solutions for sophisticated area and sports lighting installations
  • Flicker-free LED lighting components, compliant with high light quality requirements
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable, thanks to highly efficient lighting systems, energy-saving dimming functions and long device service life
  • Multiple interfaces and control protocols for a wide range of applications
  • Sensor-controlled lighting to ensure an excellent lighting experience and high safety on site
  • LED luminaires customizable to match individual area and stadium designs

Saving energy even with large or very large outdoor lighting systems 
In certain outdoor areas, it is very important to ensure excellent visibility and maximum safety also in the evening and at night. Various industrial companies, for example, require outdoor lighting that is almost as bright as daylight in order to provide optimum support for traffic safety, safe work, accident prevention and property protection. And sports lighting also needs to be as bright as possible so that athletes and spectators can see exactly what is happening on the playing field at all times. Another important point here is a high quality of light so that photo and video recordings as well as live broadcasts can be carried out successfully. In addition to the high demands on the performance portfolio of the corresponding floodlight luminaires, it is also becoming increasingly important that they consume as little power as possible in order to offset rising energy prices. At the same time, these systems should be digitally networked and controllable in order to be able to react flexibly to different situations on site. All this and more can be achieved with the advanced LED technologies from Inventronics. Read here what durable, highly efficient and state-of-the-art area and sports lighting systems can look like: 

System solution 1:

OT 4DIM G3 or OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers with PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED modules
Discover an optimal LED system solution, especially for small to medium-sized area or sports lighting installations – regardless of whether an existing installation needs to be updated with innovative LED technology or whether you want to create a completely new LED floodlighting system. With the OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 LED driver, for example, you’re free to choose between four different dimming methods. This means that the driver can be adapted to the current application profile at any time. And with the OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 LED driver, it is also possible to integrate wirelessly controllable D4i sensors or light management control nodes. Both drivers are ideally suited for combination with our powerful and energy-efficient PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards.

System solution 2:

EUM-480/680SxxxMG or EUM-480/680SxxxBG LED drivers with PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED modules
The powerful EUM-480/680SxxxMG and EUM-480/680SxxxBG LED driver families are ideal for medium-sized to large area or sports lighting systems. The MG series devices support the dimming of LED floodlight luminaires with 0…10 V. This means that owners of industrial outdoor facilities or operators of sports venues can react flexibly to the existing lighting conditions at any time and save large amounts of power and costs in the process. The BG series offers even more options. These drivers are both DALI-2- and D4i-certified and include many useful functions that can be applied to save both power and maintenance costs. For example by integrating our QBM D4i LS/PD P Z sensors. They automatically ensure the right amount of light at the right place. Both LED driver series are compatible with PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards. With the PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE LED boards, you can get that decisive extra energy efficiency out of your lighting system. This will make itself more noticeable in terms of operating costs the larger the system is and the more frequently and longer it is in operation. And there is another extra to be considered: our CNV-DMXR2 converter. Thanks to this clever device, your LED floodlight system can even be used as a “lightshow” – a real highlight, for example for fans of soccer clubs!

System solution 3:

NES 1K8 LED drivers with PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards
The NES 1K8 is a particularly powerful, robust and versatile LED driver with a comprehensive portfolio of useful features. Its main areas of application are the floodlight systems in the world’s large sports stadiums. But it can also be found in the recreational sports sector and the outdoor areas of large industrial facilities. Together with high-intensity and energy-efficient LED modules such as our PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards, the driver reliably ensures near-daylight lighting, flexible control and high light quality. Compared to conventional floodlighting installations, this innovative LED system solution saves large amounts of power and operating costs. The NES 1K8 is both DALI-2- and D4i-certified. It therefore supports not only the latest DALI functions, but also enables the installation of our wirelessly controllable QBM D4i LS P Z sensors. These only switch on the LED floodlight when the available daylight is no longer sufficient. Thanks to the DMX solution integrated in the driver, your LED lighting system can even be used as a “lightshow” – thus allowing the operators to create emotional highlights at major sporting events. With additionally available surge protection devices such as the SPD PU-10K, your LED lighting systems can be very effectively protected against the damaging impact of indirect lightning strikes or sudden fluctuations in the power grid. This small “additional insurance” is an excellent investment, especially for large and very large area or sports lighting systems with their particularly high masts!

Inventronics – your system provider for area and sports lighting
Whether for small, medium-sized, large or very large LED floodlighting systems: At Inventronics, you can find all the important components for the planning and design of energy-saving area or sports lighting projects – from LED drivers and LED modules to cutting-edge sensor technology and a broad range of useful accessories. On top of that, Inventronics offers comprehensive services, expert advice and professional support. Thanks to decades of experience, we are also optimally positioned to help you create customized LED luminaires. Our well-thought-out solutions will impress your customers with outstanding performance, low power consumption, high reliability, long service life and intelligent control functions.

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