LED solutions for medium-sized to large area and sports lighting installations

Expanding the possibilities – with the EUM-480/680SxxxMG or EUM-480/680SxxxBG LED drivers from Inventronics

Key facts at a glance
Are you faced with the task of converting an existing medium-sized or large area or sports lighting system to LED technology? Or even setting up a completely new LED area lighting system? For such projects, we recommend our high-performance Inventronics LED driver families EUM-480/680SxxxMG or EUM-480/680SxxxBG. In combination with our energy-efficient PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards, you can create convincing system solutions that will impress your customers. The possible areas of application are almost as varied as the devices themselves: They range, for example, from parking lots, airports and container ports to outdoor industrial facilities. LED lighting also plays a special role in medium-sized to large sports venues, particularly those with large numbers of spectators, such as soccer, for example. This is because there is often a certain “entertainment factor” that the lighting needs to support. And, of course, a high level of lighting comfort with high color fidelity is also required for photo and video recordings or live television broadcasts. All this is possible – with state-of-the-art LED solutions and useful accessories from Inventronics!

Features and benefits 

  • EUM-480SxxxMG and EUM-680SxxxMG: Powerful, programmable LED drivers for medium to large area or sports lighting systems. With these devices from Inventronics, LED lighting can be easily dimmed to save large amounts of electricity and costs.
  • EUM-480SxxxBG and EUM-680SxxxBG: These extremely versatile LED drivers support the operation of your LED lighting system in accordance with both the DALI-2 and D4i standards. Your customers will enjoy the high flexibility of the system, which, thanks to bidirectional digital communication, not only reduces power consumption but also maintenance costs.
  • QBM D4i LS/PD P Z sensors: These wirelessly controllable light and presence sensors work without control lines and, thanks to standardized interfaces, can be installed particularly quickly into the LED luminaire – of course also as a retrofit.
  • PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE: Wherever large outdoor areas need to be illuminated, these durable, high-performance and robust LED boards ensure brightness, safety, high energy efficiency and low power consumption.
  • Customized PrevaLED BRICK LED boards: Based on the same technology, customer-specific solutions for our LED boards can be offered, in order to meet specific demands on existing luminaires or optical systems.
  • CNV-DMXR2: That’s entertainment! With this special converter, DMX signals can be converted into 0/1…10V signals. This allows spectators to celebrate the exciting action on the sports field with impressive light shows!
  • SPD PU-10K: These small, but useful surge protection devices from Inventronics are like an additional insurance against unforeseen current peaks – they don’t cost much, but do a lot for the safety of your LED luminaires!

Experience area and sports lighting in a whole new way – with modern LED technology
The rule of thumb for area and sports lighting is: The larger the areas to be illuminated, the higher the masts on which the LED luminaires are installed. And the more powerful the LED drivers with which the LED modules are controlled. This is where our robust and durable EUM-480/680SxxxBG and EUM-480/680SxxxMG LED driver families come into play. They are ideal for medium-sized to large area and sports lighting systems and are compatible with LED modules from various manufacturers. They work particularly well with our powerful and energy-efficient PrevaLED BRICK HP and HP/HE LED boards. This combination offers optimum visibility, a high level of safety and modern dimming and control technology wherever large outdoor areas need to be very brightly illuminated. With our CNV-DMXR2 converter, your LED lighting system can even be used as a “lightshow” – a great extra, especially for sporting events! But let’s take this one step at a time:

EUM-480SxxxMG and EUM-680SxxxMG LED drivers: Top-level performance, reliability and service life
The EUM-480SxxxMG and EUM-680SxxxMG LED drivers are programmable constant current LED drivers with an output of 480 or 680 watts and operate with an input voltage of 90-305 VAC. Thanks to their excellent power factor and a high protection rating of IP66 or IP67, they are especially suitable for demanding lighting applications in outdoor areas. This includes, in particular, installation on high masts for area and sports lighting in medium-sized to large installations. The high efficiency of these drivers and the compact metal housing enable cooler operation, which increases the reliability and service life of the devices. They provide an always-on 12 VDC auxiliary voltage to power wireless controls. The dimming control supports 0…10 V dimming and allows operators to respond flexibly to existing lighting conditions, thus enabling them to save large amounts of power and costs.

EUM-480SxxxBG and EUM-680SxxxBG LED drivers: State-of-the-art digital functions for area and sports lighting
Our constant-current LED drivers EUM-480SxxxBG and EUM-680SxxxBG enable the operation of LED lighting systems in accordance with both the DALI-2 and the factory-set D4i standard. They can be programmed quickly, conveniently and wirelessly via NFC, which already saves time and costs during production. However, not only luminaire manufacturers, but also operators benefit from the high-quality features of these devices, as they also enable the energy- and cost-saving dimming of lighting. Their dimming control already meets the high requirements of D4i, but also supports two-way communication via DALI-2. In addition to use in conventional, larger networks, this product family was also designed for intra-luminaire communication and for the monitoring of the current “health status” of the LED luminaires. This means that power consumption, for example, can be measured and optimized at any time – and the maintenance and repair of the luminaires is also much simpler and easier to plan. In addition, the EUM-480SxxxBG and EUM-680SxxxBG have the same parameters and benefits as the MG product family: They are available in wattages of 480 or 680 watts and in IP ratings of IP66 or IP67. They offer a wide input voltage range of 90-305 VAC. Moreover, they are equipped with an integrated AC power monitor and a 24VDC auxiliary voltage that is always switched on and compliant with DALI part 150.

The impressive performance package of these drivers is perfectly rounded off by high efficiency, a compact metal housing and various protective devices against harmful voltages, short circuits and overtemperature.

QBM D4i LS/PD P Z sensors: Light only where and when it is needed
The integration of modern sensor technology can also make sense for medium to large area or sports lighting systems: With presence sensors, the light can be dimmed accordingly or switched off completely wherever there is no continuous operation. And light sensors can be programmed so that the light is only switched on when the available daylight alone is no longer sufficient to ensure safety and good visibility – a clever energy-saving strategy that works particularly well in outdoor areas. Inventronics offers various D4i-certified QBM sensors for outdoor applications, which can be combined particularly well with our EUM-480/680SxxxBG LED driver family. These include, for example, PIR sensors such as the QBM D4i PD P Z and light-controlled sensors such as the QBM D4i LS P Z.

PrevaLED BRICK HP and HP/HE: High performance, low power consumption
LED modules for outdoor use are available from various manufacturers. With our PrevaLED BRICK HP or HP/HE LED boards, you are definitely making the right choice: These durable, high-performance and robust modules are ideal for illuminating outdoor areas or sports fields as bright as day, while keeping power consumption as low as possible. For lighting systems with high utilization, we recommend our PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE LED boards: They offer the decisive plus in terms of energy efficiency and help your customers to save even more electricity. Both PrevaLED BRICK HP and PrevaLED BRICK HP/HE also feature a built-in temperature measurement via NTC, which protects them from the extreme temperature conditions that often occur in outdoor applications. Both LED boards are suitable for optics from third-party manufacturers and can be combined particularly well with our EUM-480/680SxxxMG and EUM-480/680SxxxBG LED driver families.

Welcome to the show: More action on the playing field – with DMX and CNV-DMXR2
When it comes to sports lighting, especially at medium-sized or slightly larger venues, it is sometimes not only the performances of the players that count, but also the commitment of the fans and the entertainment of the spectators. At tournaments that take place in the evening or at night, the fans want to see the action on the field, but also a correspondingly exciting “light show”. This is where our CNV-DMXR2 comes into play: This device is a special converter that can turn the fast DMX signals (known, for example, from the concert or event sector) into 0/1…10V signals. The device is compatible with our EUM-480/680SxxxMG LED driver family. This makes it possible to highlight goals, hits, points, victories or other top performances in a very entertaining way.

SPD PU-10K product family – the small additional insurance for your LED systems
Especially in outdoor applications, LED lighting systems are often exposed to conditions that can damage them. These include indirect lightning strikes or sudden fluctuations in the power grid, which can be triggered by larger electrical devices being switched on and off in the vicinity. With our additionally available SPD PU-10K product family of surge protection devices, LED lighting systems can be effectively protected against such damage.

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