High energy costs, the latest technological developments and recent scientific findings on plant growth are not leaving the horticulture sector unaffected. In many places, new greenhouses have to be built and, above all, existing indoor lighting systems have to be brought up to the latest state of the art – for example, to meet specific requirements, to be able to grow plants more efficiently and faster, and to save electricity costs and CO2. This presents specialized luminaire manufacturers with challenging, but also lucrative tasks. We support them in finding the right solutions – with high-quality components and customized LED systems, but also with expert advice, rapid development work and long-term system guarantees on the combination of LED drivers and LED modules.

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Horticulture Lighting – Introduction
Get to know the great customization offer Inventronics provides for LED modules and systems for horticultural projects and needs.
Horticulture Lighting – Board Design Capabilities
Inventronics is always there to support in horticultural projects both with standard and customized LED modules and systems. Check how we can help you to understand your requirements and define together the perfect solution for your needs.
Horticulture Lighting – Lighting Controls
Not only LED modules and drivers, but also Inventronics lighting control solutions can support you to define the correct light intensity and spectra to meet your crop requirements. Get to know better our wireless, wired and analogical control systems!
Horticulture Lighting – Lab Services
Validate your products with the most important international standards. Inventronics can work also as third-party lab because our labs are accredited by Accredia and DAKKS.
Horticulture Lighting – System Warranties
Inventronics products and systems are durable and reliable, and to ensure you always the best performance and quality we differentiate our warranty levels to satisfy every need!
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