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  • The straightforward dimming solution: OT FIT 24V Phase-Cut LED driver and TEC Flex LED strips

    The straightforward dimming solution: OT FIT 24V Phase-Cut LED driver and TEC Flex LED strips

    Effortless installation without additional control cables, ideal for renovation projects and new buildings alike Key facts at a glanceIn many private households, dimmable lighting systems were often implemented using simple but effective phase-cut control technology. That’s because it requires no additional wiring beyond the mains … [more]

  • Maximum design freedom for efficient lighting systems in the hospitality industry 

    Variable, versatile and simply smart – our efficient LED drivers and modules as well as controllers for indoor and outdoor projects  Key facts at a glanceIn hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés, but also in areas such as wellness or hospitals, lighting systems fulfill a wide … [more]

  • Longer and more efficient: OSRAM LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips 

    Now up to 18 meters long!Flexible LED strips for indoor or outdoor use: OSRAM LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V IP00/IP68 Key facts at a glanceAs a global leader in the lighting industry, Inventronics is in constant contact with target groups around the world. In order to … [more]


    Our LINEARlight products receive a Venetian Smart Lighting Award! Our BACKBONE received the Venetian Smart Lighting Award SPECIAL PRIZE: CULTURE LIGHTS!This category is dedicated to lighting products and solutions designed to enhance buildings of significant cultural value. By selecting dedicated lenses, the light can be … [more]

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  • Coming soon: our new 48 V LED lighting system

    Higher efficiency thanks to longer LED modules and higher voltage Good news for OEMs, lighting planners, architects, installers and end customers: We are currently working on the development of a brand-new 48 V LED lighting system that will come with a broad range of benefits: … [more]

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  • We took another step towards sustainability!

    BOTTA EcoPackaging and Inventronics are working together so you too can make an environmentally friendly choice Botta EcoPackaging is a family-owned company located near Milan, Italy, whose main focus is sustainable corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging. For our LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE we chose their Eco-Tube … [more]

  • You will be amazed to see the incredible flexibility of our latest LED module!

    Twist and bend this new LED module as much as you like: With OSRAM LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE and its integrated high-quality optical lenses, you will discover completely new dimensions of flexibility and creativity. Because this innovative product is not just flexible, but 3D-flexible! 3D-flexible means … [more]

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  • Architectural lighting: More than just a facade!

    Decorative architectural and shop lighting generates lots of attention and strengthens the image of your customers. But it has never been more important than today to focus on sustainable solutions. With high-quality and future-proof products, OSRAM DS does everything in its power to help your … [more]

  • Discover premium diffusive LINEARLight performance

    Let us help you deliver fine-tuned dimming functions for your most demanding LED lighting projects in architecture and hospitality. The key? Our system for best-in-class light uniformity and control: the LINEARlight Flex Diffuse G2 and OTi DALI G2. For the most exquisite and luxurious lighting … [more]

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  • Light in its most exquisite form: the LINEARlight Flex DIFFUSE G2

    A closer look at how you can benefit from working with our new premium LED stripes and matching drivers. Sometimes, a project or client simply calls for the best of the best, especially if the goal is to illuminate high-end hospitality spaces or architecture. Enter … [more]

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