Longer and more efficient: OSRAM LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips 

Now up to 18 meters long!
Flexible LED strips for indoor or outdoor use: OSRAM LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V IP00/IP68

Key facts at a glance
As a global leader in the lighting industry, Inventronics is in constant contact with target groups around the world. In order to provide you with the right products at any given time, we analyze where the market is heading. And we always listen carefully to current trends and requests. With OSRAM LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V IP00/IP68, we have answered the frequent demand for longer, and more efficient LED strips. These flexible modules are up to 18 meters long, offer improved energy efficiency and more homogeneous light distribution. Depending on the IP rating (IP00 or IP68), they can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications. Moreover, they are available in several luminous flux versions and color temperatures. This also makes them particularly flexible in terms of a wide range of applications: they are suitable for offices, for example, but also for use in the hospitality industry or in residential areas as well as for orientation lighting, e. g. in public parks or private gardens.

An unbroken trend: The success story of our LINEARlight Flex LED modules continues – now also with 48V!
They are becoming increasingly popular both indoors and outdoors: flexible, powerful LED strips that can be installed in all kinds of places. And they adapt elegantly to a wide variety of architectural designs. They can be found, for example, hidden in curved light coves, nestled along handrails in impressive staircases, and even underneath benches in public parks or private gardens. In other words: wherever the right light can improve both the atmosphere and the safety of an environment. To give you even more scope, energy efficiency and performance when designing these and many other places, we have developed our LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V IP00/IP68 LED modules. For a wide range of lighting projects, they are a very good alternative to our proven 24V LED strips. 

Discover what makes our 48V LED strips so special

Fewer LED drivers
Because the reels are up to 100 % longer, fewer LED drivers are needed. This can significantly reduce installation time and also helps to lower the overall cost of the installation. Moreover, the reduced workload also means fewer man-hours and fewer potential sources of error during installation.

More design freedom
Because the LED strips are longer and can be easily cut to the right length, design freedom is expanded. In places where it was previously often necessary to work with several 24V LED strips to achieve the desired lighting effect, a single 48V LED strip is now sometimes already sufficient. The leftovers can simply be cut off and reused in other places.

Easier maintenance 
By requiring fewer drivers to be installed, this logically means that potential maintenance efforts can also be reduced – because fewer devices need to be inspected for possible defects and repaired if necessary. A strong selling point, especially to end customers and end users! In addition, the drivers can be installed in more accessible locations. This makes work easier for both installers and maintenance personnel. 

Technological advantages thanks to longer LED modules and higher voltage

Higher energy efficiency
Due to a lower voltage drop, LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips offer improved energy efficiency of up to 170 lm/W. This translates into significant long-term savings in electricity consumption: Over a 7-year period, for example, energy and therefore cost savings of up to 25 % are possible, with a corresponding return on investment. This also means that CO2 emissions are reduced, and that the environment and our resources are better protected. And all this while maintaining a consistently high product quality!

Longer service life 
With LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips, lower operating temperatures can be achieved. This means that the LEDs do not get so hot anymore. In addition, our Safe Dimming Technology (SDT) is on board. It reduces the stress that can be caused by frequent operation of the modules in dimming mode. And last but not least, the LEDs are embedded in (also optically) high-quality silicone. All of these factors have made it possible to extend the service life of the module.

More uniform light distribution
On the LED strips, the larger dimensions of the individual LED chips and the higher number of LEDs per meter ensure more uniform light distribution. Especially at lower luminous flux levels, it is possible to achieve optimum homogeneity. In addition, the longer reels mean that fewer interruptions can occur between the individual LED strips, resulting in fewer shadow zones in the light pattern.

Improved sustainability factor
Together with the longer life of the LED strips, the fact that fewer LED drivers are needed for our 48V systems helps to improve the sustainability of our products. Because fewer drivers need to be disposed of at the end of their service life. This means less waste is generated. And much less frequently, too. 

Further important technical data at a glance 

  • Four color temperatures from warm to cool white, CCT: 2400 K, 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K (other CCTs available on request)  
  • Two IP rating versions: With IP00 for indoor applications or with IP68 for outdoor applications  
  • Four different luminous flux versions: 500 lm, 1500 lm, 3000 lm or 4000 lm 
  • High quality of light: CRI values: 80+ or 90+ 
  • All versions dimmable: PWM (pulse-width modulation) dimming method for optimum homogeneity of light distribution  
  • LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips can be cut to the desired length: The 3000 and 4000 lm versions can be cut every 100 mm, the 500 and 1500 lm versions even every 50 mm!   
  • Compatible with smart home applications: For use in smart home environments, our 48V LED modules can be a compatible alternative to 24V LED modules 

Benefit from our well-thought-out system solutions – that’s money well spent! 

LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips are compatible with various Inventronics 48V constant-voltage LED drivers, e. g. with our proven OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI dimmer 1-4CH. This device is already designed for 48V applications, so you can create a DALI 48V dimmable system up to 250 W. Coming soon (Q4/2023): An updated version of our Casambi dimmer will also be available as a 48V-compatible multichannel solution. 

Or the system solution with OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 100/150/250 48V IP20 (available presumably from October/November 2023): This non-dimmable on/off driver family comes in a slim, linear housing and in three different wattages: 100 W, 150 W and 250 W. With its IP20 rating, the driver is suitable for indoor applications.  

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