Inventronics and ams OSRAM to revolutionize horticulture lighting

Discover how the horticulture LED module P 3737 can help you achieve higher crop yields while consuming less energy to power your lighting

In the rapidly evolving world of horticulture, lighting manufacturers today are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their crop yields while reducing energy consumption. The cooperation between Inventronics and ams OSRAM has enabled the creation of an innovative module that exactly addresses this need. In fact, the high-power horticulture LED module P 3737 from Inventronics features an innovative new horticulture solution: the OSCONIQ P 3737 LEDs from ams OSRAM. Designed as a 4-channel module, it achieves significant cost and energy savings while enhancing performance even in harsh environments. This innovation will enrich greenhouse lighting with unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and performance.

Inventronics and ams Osram: leading the way to the future
The collaboration between Inventronics and ams OSRAM brings together cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise. Integrated into Inventronics’ new horticulture LED module P 3737, the OSCONIQ P 3737 LED leverages state-of-the-art chip technology to deliver exceptional performance. With an overall wall plug efficiency of 83.2% in Hyper Red, this LED module ensures maximum energy savings and robustness, boasting an impressive Q90 lifetime of 102,000 hours.

Design your luminaires now for optimum growth
Manufacturers of horticultural luminaires can now design their luminaires to achieve a targeted and higher light output with the same energy consumption. This breakthrough advance significantly increases crop yields, thus shortening harvest cycles. The result? More productive greenhouses and satisfied growers!

The new 4-channel LED module P 3737 from Inventronics offers maximum flexibility and makes it possible to adjust light spectra as required: just imagine that from now on you only need one single greenhouse light which can be easily adjusted to the desired light recipes for different types of vegetables, such as tomatoes or cucumbers. No need to replace the luminaire, just change the settings and enjoy the convenience and comfort.

Inventronics is proud to launch its new demo Horticulture P 3737 board. Equipped with the OSCONIQ P 3737 high-power LED, this pioneering product is simply perfect for a variety of applications, for example as a greenhouse top light and a single light source when no daylight is available. It can be easily customized for interlighting and vertical farming on request. Available in Hyper Red, Deep Blue, Far Red, and Horti White, it covers the broad spectrum of requirements in controlled horticulture.

Benefit from a complete LED system solution for horticulture lighting
Inventronics offers a complete horticulture LED system: the flexible LED module P 3737 in combination with compatible Inventronics LED drivers, all from a single source. This ensures peace of mind for horticulture luminaire manufacturers and their customers. Furthermore, you can benefit from a large range of LED drivers suited to any lighting requirement. With power levels up to 1800 W, solutions for 120-277V AC and 277-480V AC, as well as a broad DALI-2 D4i driver portfolio, our drivers fulfill all your needs.

The LED driver offers fully bidirectional control via a digital interface, boasting a high efficiency of 96% and power sharing technology that allocates power for each channel separately. This innovative technology signifies a leap towards digital lighting in horticulture applications.

Save energy, save the environment, save costs
Inventronics is committed to sustainability. Our new horticulture LED module P 3737 offers customers the opportunity to significantly improve their ecological footprint over the course of its service life.

Quality and reliability guaranteed
Always having reliability in mind, Inventronics supports you in the luminaire certification process with our integrated components. This ensures that every luminaire meets the highest quality standards, giving you peace of mind and ensuring consistent performance.

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