Optimal control of rapid growth: Inventronics ESM series multi-channel LED drivers

Light spectrum precisely adaptable to specific requirements of plants: Inventronics ESM-1K0D610Mx and ESM-1K2T570Mx LED drivers

Key facts at a glance 
For horticulture companies, optimizing production and improving plant quality are among the most important objectives. In this regard, significant progress can be made by configuring the most important lighting parameters – such as light intensity and light spectrum. Especially when it is possible to control these parameters over the course of a typical growing day and also throughout the lifecycle of a plant. By using multi-channel systems from Inventronics, the light spectrum of horticulture luminaires can be adapted to the specific needs of different plants. For example, by illuminating plants with different light spectra during their growth phase. With the multi-channel devices of the ESM series, Inventronics offers powerful, versatile, ultra-high-efficiency LED drivers that help horticulture companies to always provide the optimal light for faster plant growth, higher yields and better taste of fruits and vegetables.

Robust, versatile, durable: Inventronics ESM series LED drivers with variable light spectrum 
For use in horticulture systems, we offer a dual-channel and a triple-channel LED driver. Our ESM series LED drivers are state of the art: Their multi-channel technology makes it possible not only to control the luminous flux when illuminating plants in indoor, vertical or container farming, but also to flexibly vary the light spectrum of the LEDs.

By combining our ESM drivers with LED modules, e. g. from our OSRAM Planta Seed product family, you can create powerful and energy-efficient LED lighting systems that always provide the right light at the right time. And thus optimally support a wide variety of plants in their growth. Our ESM drivers have a main channel that usually provides the standard light level (intensity and spectra) for the main growth period. At the same time, the secondary channels are designed as “boost” or “supplement” channels with lower lighting intensity and other electrical supply characteristics. Due to the independent and dimmable output channels and thanks to several options for power transmission through variable channel combinations, a high flexibility for the design-in and operation of the luminaires can be ensured.  

Powerful features and decisive advantages for horticulture applications 
Thanks to their ultra-high efficiency of up to 95 %, both of our ESM driver models are particularly economical in converting power to light. Moreover, they feature a robust metal housing for independent installation, which enables cooler operation over longer periods of time. IP66/67 rating and UL certification for damp or wet locations make them suitable for use in demanding environments. The drivers feature an isolated design, wide operating windows and the possibility of dimming thanks to isolated interfaces (0-10V, PWM/resistor/3-timer mode). Additional interfaces (12 VDC, 250 mA) allow the integration of sensors or other control and monitoring solutions into the driver, without the need for additional power converters. The low inrush current, input surge protection (DM: 6 kV, CM: 10 kV) and compatibility with the three-phase power grids of the EU as well as North and South America make it easier to integrate the LED drivers into the power supply system of the growing area. In addition, the reliable operation of the devices can also be guaranteed through various other protection measures, for example against input undervoltage, output overvoltage, short circuit and overtemperature. 

Inventronics ESM driver models at a glance:



  • Dual-channel LED driver with 1000 W maximum output power 
  • Operational power range: CH1: 460-6100 mA, CH2: 185-2100 mA  
  • Certified input voltage range: 277-480 VAC
  • Certifications: UL, FCC, ENEC, UKCA, CE, CB 
  • Dim-to-Off with low standby power consumption 
  • Maximum dimming with 9 V or 10 V 
  • Dimensions: 324 x 144 x 48.5 mm, weight: 4500 g 
  • Service life: up to 119,000 hours (at tc = 70 °C) 
  • 5 years guarantee 


  • Triple-channel LED driver with 1200 W maximum output power 
  • Operational power range: CH1: 460-5700 mA, CH2/3: 185-2100 mA  
  • Certified input voltage range: 277-480 VAC
  • Certifications: UL, FCC, ENEC, UKCA, CE, CB 
  • Dim-to-Off with low standby power consumption  
  • Maximum dimming with 9 V or 10 V 
  • Dimensions: 354 x 144 x 48.5 mm, weight: 4900 g 
  • Service life: up to 120,000 hours (at tc = 70 °C) 
  • 5 years guarantee 

Flexibility, performance and energy efficiency as keys to success 
State-of-the-art, high-performance and energy-efficient horticulture system solutions based on our ESM driver series are ideally suited for lighting greenhouses and for indoor, vertical or container farming. Thanks to their multi-channel technology and the possibility of combining them with specially designed LED modules, e.g. from our OSRAM Planta Seed product family, they ensure high application flexibility and support the specific lighting requirements of horticulture companies to achieve rapid growth, high-quality plants, high yields, high efficiency and reduced costs. 

Support from Inventronics for customized horticulture applications
With Inventronics as your partner, you don’t have to fend for yourself when you are developing your horticulture lighting solutions. We have a global network of well-trained and experienced experts for the special requirements of this demanding business sector. They are always ready to help you build customized LED lighting systems that will perform reliably, profitably and successfully for many years to come. 

Robust, eco-friendly and sustainable 
Our ESM driver series also scores highly in terms of sustainability: The ultra-high efficiency of these devices, for example, results in a reduction in the amount of energy required to operate greenhouses. This reduces CO2 emissions, preserves resources and protects the environment, while at the same time ensuring outstanding and efficient lighting system performance. Moreover, the robust metal housing not only improves the mechanical resistance and thermal management of the driver, but also reduces the amount of plastic waste generated at the end of the product’s life. And the various dimming options allow the light output to be adjusted to the desired level, which reduces energy waste and extends the life of the system. 

Are you currently planning a Horticulture project and need some help? We would be happy to support you. To contact us, just send an e-mail to: support@inventronicsglobal.com

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