Energy-efficient, high-performance, dimmable: Inventronics NEL series single-channel LED drivers for horticulture applications 

Also ideal as a system solution in combination with OSRAM Planta Seed Brick, OSRAM Planta Seed Linear or as an individually customized solution

Key facts at a glance 
NEL series single-channel LED drivers from Inventronics are ideal for use in horticulture applications. Whether for indoor, vertical, or container farming, these dimmable drivers combine ultra-high efficiency with exceptional performance. They enable the design of LED luminaire solutions with high, flexibly adjustable luminous flux levels that plants need for healthy growth – while helping your horticulture customers to keep the costs of energy consumption as low as possible. In addition, these drivers are designed to be exceptionally robust and have a long service life. All of this makes them optimal devices for recouping the investment costs of horticulture lighting systems as quickly as possible. Together with our LED modules from the OSRAM Planta Seed Brick or OSRAM Planta Seed Linear product families, they enable you to create perfectly matched system solutions. Depending on requirements, customized solutions with other LED modules are also possible. With comprehensive know-how and many years of experience in the field of horticulture lighting, we at Inventronics are always happy to support you in this.

Horticulture lighting – a lucrative area of activity for specialized lighting professionals
Are you faced with the task of upgrading an existing indoor lighting system for horticulture applications to the latest LED technology? Or are you involved in the new construction of a modern greenhouse with your LED solutions? Then you need state-of-the-art lighting products that are optimally designed for use in the horticulture sector. Inventronics supports you with professional advice from experienced specialists – and with high-performance lighting technologies. 

Single-channel NEL series LED drivers (“non-isolated”) 
If a fixed light spectrum is to be used for your horticulture project, we recommend our non-isolated single-channel NEL series LED drivers. All drivers of this product family offer a very good price-performance ratio. Due to their linear form factor, they are easy to install in horticulture luminaires and can also be safely integrated into existing greenhouse power supply and control systems. With an ultra-high efficiency of up to 97 % they are also particularly economical in converting electricity into light. This helps users to significantly reduce the operating costs of their installation. Thanks to the dimmability of the drivers, the luminous flux level can be perfectly adjusted to the needs of the respective plants. This prevents damage caused by excessive light and promotes healthy plant growth. In addition, the dimming operation can also be used to reduce electricity costs. 

Convincing technical data as the basis for long-term horticulture system solutions 
Rising electricity prices are also challenging the horticulture sector to rely more than ever on energy-saving lighting solutions. With the NEL series, Inventronics has a convincing product family of dimmable, highly efficient horticulture LED drivers in its portfolio. In order to be able to cope with a variety of lighting tasks, they are available with different wattages of 400, 600, and 1000 W. The drivers feature a non-isolated design, a wide operating window and the possibility of dimming thanks to isolated interfaces (0-10V/10V, PWM/resistor/3-timer mode). Additional interfaces (12 VDC, 250 mA) allow the integration of sensors or other control and monitoring solutions into the driver without the need for additional power converters. The low inrush current, input overvoltage protection (DM 4 kV, CM 6 kV), and compatibility with single- and three-phase power supply systems in the EU and in North and South America make it easy to integrate the LED driver into horticulture luminaires and the cultivation area’s power supply system.  

Combination with LED modules 
Inventronics NEL series LED drivers can be combined, for example, with OSRAM Planta Seed Brick and OSRAM Planta Seed Linear LED modules. In addition, Inventronics can also support you in creating customized LED system solutions for specific horticulture lighting tasks. Our system solutions are rounded off by a range of other useful features. For example, with our NEL drivers there is no afterglow of the LED modules – which is good for plants that also need periods of absolute darkness for their growth. 

Robust, eco-friendly and sustainable
Our NEL driver series also scores highly in terms of sustainability: The ultra-high efficiency of these devices, for example, results in a reduction in the amount of energy required to operate greenhouses. This reduces CO2 emissions, preserves resources and protects the environment. Especially when used to replace high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, the overall efficiency of a horticulture business can also be significantly increased. Moreover, the robust metal housing not only improves the mechanical resistance and thermal management of the driver, but also reduces the amount of plastic waste generated at the end of the product’s life. And the various dimming options allow the light output to be adjusted to the desired level, which reduces energy waste and extends the life of the system. 

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