Planta Seed Flex: the perfect solution for basic horticulture lighting

Energize container farming with flexible and efficient LED lighting

Manage the growth of plants in container farming
The horticulture industry is undergoing fundamental transformation and state-of-the-art container farming is seeing major growth. These innovative farming methods prioritize constant climate control and offer unmatched flexibility in terms of location, enabling agricultural practices that are less dependent on external weather conditions. This evolution is driving a greater focus on sustainable and energy-efficient technologies, underscoring the need for innovative solutions such as Planta Seed Flex. The development of Planta Seed Flex from Inventronics was driven by a clear vision: to address the unique requirements of indoor farming operators. Challenges include the need for flexible and simple lighting that can be tailored to different plant crops and growth stages, as well as easy installation and cost-effective operation.

Simple Flex LED module solutions
Planta Seed Flex LED module offers versatility through its simple yet powerful design. It is available in two spectrum options for excellent plant growth and fructification. With customized solutions, the light can also be tailored to the specific needs of the respective plant crop and adapted to its individual requirements. Depending on the application, users can choose a basic version (IP00) for less demanding environments or an IP66-rated version with LED strips embedded in high-quality silicone for increased durability and moisture resistance. 24V/SELV constant voltage operation with our wide range of drivers ensures safe and efficient performance with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Create light where needed with a slim and flexible design
Planta Seed Flex stands out due to its slim design which allows for maximal customization in lighting applications. As a system it offers flexible power levels to accommodate varying lighting requirements efficiently. Unlike conventional linear light modules that come with fixed lengths, the Planta Seed Flex LED strips are designed to be highly adaptable. They can be cut from 5 meters up to smaller units, fitting perfectly in any setting. This flexibility supports individual length requirements, ensuring precise light placement and minimizing cutting waste, which is essential for varied horticulture environments. This adaptability makes Planta Seed Flex from Inventronics an excellent choice for plant growers looking for efficient and customizable lighting solutions that conform to the specific needs of crops and their surroundings.

One-stop-shop solution from Inventronics: top performance as a system
Inventronics stands for system solutions. Therefore, Planta Seed Flex is not just a product but can be expanded into a complete solution. Whether a dimmable or non-dimmable configuration is required: Planta Seed Flex works perfectly with Inventronics constant-voltage LED drivers for indoor and outdoor applications or with the OTi DALI 210/220-240/24 4CH DT 6/8 P LED drivers for systems requiring DALI addressability. Every system component, from LED modules to drivers and controls, can be customized and certified to meet specific customer needs, ensuring reliability, performance, and compliance with industry standards. With Inventronics, customers benefit from having a single point of contact for all their requirements, which simplifies the procurement process and enhances customer service.

Explore our innovative horticulture solutions today
For more detailed technical information on the Planta Seed Flex LED strips and our comprehensive range of LED driver options, explore our Driver Selector.

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