How outdoor lighting becomes future-proof, energy-efficient and smartly networked

Easily and flexibly configurable – the robust and durable systems from Inventronics for roads, paths, parking lots, urban parks and sports fields.

Key facts at a glance
Cities and municipalities as well as operators of sports and leisure facilities are faced with the task of modernizing public lighting in a climate-friendly and future-proof way. With our intelligent systems, you can easily implement energy-efficient and sustainable luminaires, even on a tight budget.

Features and benefits

  • Very compact and robust devices: You profit from easy installation and long service life
  • Wirelessly programmable via NFC: Faster configuration saves costs, also during maintenance and repair
  • High energy efficiency: This enables lighting in streets, sports and leisure facilities or parks to be operated with minimized electricity and maintenance costs
  • LED drivers with AstroDIM: Significant cost savings even without a central control unit
  • LED drivers with four different dimming solutions: These devices can be flexibly designed for different luminaire types and lighting profiles – the big advantage: Streamlined warehousing and logistics!
  • Wireless LED drivers: Equip your lighting systems with different sensors – this creates future-proof, networked and maintenance-optimized systems!

Future-proof outdoor lighting made easy – with flexibly adaptable systems
For street lighting as well as area lighting in public parks or at sports facilities such as skate parks or tennis courts, efficient lighting systems are needed that are as versatile as possible and keep installation and maintenance costs low. For these requirements, we have developed compact LED drivers that can be flexibly adapted to the respective lighting task. Thus, one driver can be used in several types of luminaires and configured for different lighting profiles. This reduces the number of device types. Logistics and warehousing are significantly simplified. In addition, the drivers are programmed simply and quickly via NFC. With “Box Programming”, all drivers contained in one shipping unit can even be programmed simultaneously. This simplifies luminaire production as well as configuration in the field. Besides energy efficiency and cost savings, future proofing is a key factor for cities and municipalities. That is why our D4i-certified LED drivers have a standardized interface for upgrading with sensors. With our portfolio, all options are open to you – from stand-alone solutions without a central control unit to networked lighting systems for “smart city” applications.

System solution 1:

Dimming street lighting easily and efficiently – with OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3
These compact LED drivers enable energy savings through autonomous dimming via AstroDIM – without central control unit. The dimming profile can be programmed to reduce the brightness of the LED modules, for example at night when traffic is low. In terms of safety, the drivers feature effective temperature protection with “Driver Guard”. The high surge protection of up to 10 kV enables reliable operation. In addition, the CLO (constant lumen output) function ensures constant luminous flux and extended service life. The perfect system is formed by OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules.

System solution 2:

OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 with four dimming options for different requirements
This very flexible all-in-one driver offers four freely settable dimming solutions: AstroDIM, StepDIM, MainsDIM and DALI. This allows it to be used in different application areas. Due to its compact design, high efficiency and DALI interface, the driver is suitable for various types of luminaires with low to medium mast heights. its certification with the DALI-2 standard as well as the resulting possibility of using DALI Data (DALI -251, -252, -253) make it predestined for the application in wireless lighting systems. In combination with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules as well as additional surge protection devices (SPDs), the OT 4DIM G3 shows excellent performance.

System solution 3:

OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 brings smart connected lighting powerfully to the streets
In outdoor lighting, the trend is towards intelligent control and sensor technology. The DEXAL G2 LED drivers enable bidirectional communication between driver and module or light management systems (LMS) such as HubSense. This allows, for example, diagnostic data and luminaire information to be read out remotely, which optimizes maintenance work and reduces costs. In addition, the D4i-certified drivers enable luminaires with a standardized interface. Various QBM sensors and LMS control nodes can be connected to them without replacing the luminaires. The drivers are also sustainable, made of 80 % recycled material. In the system with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules, customers benefit from a 10-year system warranty.

System solution 4:

With QBM D4i sensors, cities and municipalities save up to 90 % on electricity costs
Our wireless sensors strike the balance between safety and maximum efficiency – and can be conveniently programmed via smartphone. The sensors are thereby controlled wirelessly via standardized interfaces by outdoor LED drivers. There are three types: Light sensors respond to brightness, PIR sensors register the presence of people, and microwave sensors detect the movement of vehicles, for example. The sensors operate in a system with D4i-certified outdoor LED lights. If pedestrians, cyclists or cars are detected, the luminous flux increases to a desired level. When they are absent, it is dimmed down to a minimum light level that ensures safety.

Inventronics – your system provider for outdoor lighting technology
With the recent acquisition of OSRAM Digital Systems’ business in Europe and Asia, Inventronics is now a global leader in the lighting industry. Thanks to continuous research and product development, we continue to advance technologies in outdoor lighting. As a result, our partners rely on a strong performance package to design their lighting systems. Based on highly efficient, reliable and sustainable products, we offer our customers individual support in design-in, validation and certification. We develop customized, future-oriented solutions that set standards – whether in street lighting or lighting systems for bicycle paths, parking lots, sports facilities or parks.

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