Simple and flexible: Dimmable LED drivers for efficient street lighting

The robust OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 for versatile use: Reduced power consumption and many new features

Key facts at a glance
In streets or squares illumination, there are several different lighting requirements. It is therefore cost-efficient to cover all of them with only one versatile LED driver. OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers can be flexibly configured with AstroDIM and their wide operating window. They reduce energy costs in a simple way – even as a stand-alone solution without a central control unit. The robust and durable devices ensure optimum efficiency at all operating points and ambient temperatures from -40 to +60 °C. The CLO function ensures constant luminous flux and extended service life. Luminaire manufacturers additionally benefit from “box programming” via NFC. Another plus is that the improved NFC antenna allows drivers to be programmed from above. This simplifies luminaire re-configuration in the field, as access to the NFC antenna is easier. Thanks to the new NFC, if the optical cover (made of plastic or glass) also protects the LED driver, the luminaire no longer needs to be opened to transmit data to the driver.

OT 1DIM G3 LED drivers for easy dimming and efficient street lighting
Cost savings and uncomplicated handling are decisive criteria in the lighting of streets, squares, parks, sports fields or parking lots. OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers combine simplicity and efficiency in a special way. Equipped with AstroDIM, they can be pre-programmed for any region and enable autonomous dimming. They can therefore be operated as stand-alone solutions without central light management systems. The drivers also have identical operating windows and housing dimensions to the OT 4DIM G3 LED drivers: This means that the design-in of both product families can be done in a single step.

Even smaller, even more efficient
Compared to the previous models, the new generation of LED drivers comes with even more compact housing sizes. This leaves more space for additional devices or for increasing the luminous flux in existing luminaires. The minimized dimensions also open up scope for even more elegant luminaire designs. In addition to the space savings, there is also improved performance. For example, the new LED drivers are 3 to 5 % more efficient, considering the whole operating range, which, due to the long service life of the devices, leads to significant energy and cost savings over time. The drivers form the best overall package with PrevaLED BRICK LED modul es, with the additional benefit of customers enjoying an 8-year system guarantee for both devices: driver and modules.

Simplicity and flexibility as basic principles
The LED drivers impress with their wide range of applications and important functions for efficient luminaire operation. The dimming behavior or dimming profile can be programmed to reduce the brightness of the connected LED modules at certain times of the night (e. g. from 6000 lm during the evening to 3000 lm late in the night, when traffic is normally very limited). This saves electricity and helps to reduce “light pollution”. Due to different driver versions with wattages from 22 W to 165 W as well as the wide operating range, the OT 1DIM G3 LED drivers can be used flexibly for different application profiles.

Robust, reliable and durable
When considering cost-effectiveness, safety is an important component. In this respect, the OT 1DIM G3 LED drivers with the customizable “Driver Guard” feature provide effective and reversible temperature protection: A maximum temperature limit can be set, above which the LED driver first reduces the output current to 50 %, and, if the maximum internal safety temperature is reached, it switches off completely. In addition, the high overvoltage protection of up to 10 kV ensures reliable operation in the event of lightning strikes, but also in the event of overvoltages of up to 6 kV caused by switching operations and load changes in the power grid.

Simple and fast NFC programming
The new generation shows a strong improvement in programming via NFC. Through “Box Programming” all drivers contained in a single package can be programmed simultaneously. Thanks to the new NFC antenna, the LED drivers can be programmed from the top side. This facilitates access to the LED driver during luminaire production and during driver configuration in the field. It is also possible to read out data and reprogram the driver via NFC without opening the luminaire, if the driver is positioned just behind the optical cover (made of glass or plastic). A big plus also for maintenance, where a lot of time and money can be saved!

New device color for better recycling
Sustainability has also been worked on. Since the sorting machines in recycling plants sometimes have difficulty or even fail to recognize the black color that is often used for plastics, these products cannot be recycled as easily. The new material selected for the housing of the OT 1DIM G3 drivers is better recognized and thus supports the recycling process. Choose easy handling, efficient operation and cost optimization – with OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers!

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