Networked, future-proof, robust: Outdoor lighting with OTPOTRONIC DEXAL G2 

Extremely robust, D4i-certified LED drivers with wider operating windows, high overvoltage protections and additional integrated ESD protections for streets, sports facilities and more 

Key facts at a glance 
OSRAM OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 is the LED driver family for future-proof, networked outdoor lighting – with bidirectional communication between drivers and light management systems (LMS) such as our HubSense outdoor devices. The second generation of D4i-certified drivers enables luminaires with a standardized interface to which various D4i sensors and LMS control nodes can be connected at any time without replacing or modifying the luminaires. The drivers impress with higher efficiency along with wider operating windows, improved robustness against surges and ESD and more compact housings for higher power packages. The larger operating window streamlines inventory management, because one driver can be used for several lighting profiles. Individual settings can be stored via DALI or NFC thanks to the Tuner4TRONIC software. The additional LSI interface opens up functions such as sensor technology and StepDIM. The integrated ESD protection and high overvoltage protection of up to 10 kV ensure safety and durability. Moreover, a powerful NFC antenna facilitates programming from the upper surface of the driver, for easier accessibility during production and service in the field. In addition, the housing is made of recycled plastic material. And last but not least, customers benefit from a 10-year system guarantee if these drivers are combined with our PrevaLED BRICK LED modules. 

Smart networked lighting for streets, squares or sports facilities: OT DEXAL G2 
Outdoor lighting is increasingly moving towards efficient technologies with smart control, sensor technology and maintenance options. Within this context, OSRAM OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 LED drivers are proving to be outstanding products with many advantages for networked lighting. 

From Generation 1 to Generation 2 – the evolution of connectivity  
OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers are part of our connectable product range. These devices provide a digital interface (e. g. to DALI or D4i) and thus ensure bidirectional communication between the driver and a light management system (LMS). This opens up a new dimension of control and monitoring, enabling luminaire manufacturers to offer intelligent and efficient lighting solutions. Diagnostic data can be used to read out luminaire information remotely – which is ideal for predictive maintenance, for example. This reduces maintenance costs, as on-site operations can be planned precisely and carried out in a time-saving manner. Defective components are cost-efficiently repaired or replaced directly on site. Wider operating windows provide more flexibility. One driver can cover several lighting profiles. This reduces the number of models and simplifies handling and stock-keeping.  

Focus on sustainability and robustness
OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers are designed for sustainability, efficiency and a long service life. The housings are made of 80% recycled plastic, for example. The new housing material also better supports the recycling process at the end of the product’s lifetime. In the event of lightning strikes, the robust drivers offer high surge protection of up to 10 kV. In addition, a high number of drivers per circuit breaker reduces installation costs thanks to low inrush current values. Another highlight is the integrated ESD protection. This protects against electrostatic discharges and increases the reliability of the lighting, reducing the failures in the field. 

The DEXAL-D4i connection: Future-proof and standardized 
The OT DEXAL G2 LED drivers are D4i-certified and can be used in luminaires that comply with the Zhaga Book 18 standard. This standard gives cities and municipalities the security of relying on tried-and-tested, future-proof lighting solutions. It allows light management control nodes to be mounted in luminaires without changing the luminaires. Of course, this also applies to the integration of sensors. With various D4i-certified QBM devices, Inventronics offers a very robust sensor portfolio, perfectly matched for outdoor applications with OT DEXAL G2. These include MW sensors such as QBM D4i HF IP66, PIR sensors such as QBM D4i PD IP66 and light-controlled sensors such as QBM D4i LS IP66. Moreover, the additional LSI interface also enables further functions such as StepDIM. 

Use of luminaire data and improved NFC 
Thanks to the internal “memory banks”, luminaire data can be individually configured, stored and afterwards read out. With the new, powerful NFC antenna, the LED drivers are now also much easier to program from above. This eases the luminaire manufacturing and the service in the field, for instance. The additional “box programming” feature enables the programming of a complete set of drivers included in a shipment carton in one single step – thus again significantly reducing the time required for production. 

Synergy with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules and HubSense 
The system concept is also convincing: The combination of OT DEXAL G2 with PrevaLED BRICK LED modules, for example, comes with a system guarantee of 10 years. Outdoor luminaires with OT DEXAL G2 can also be controlled via the HubSense system, which is increasingly in demand, e. g. for outdoor parking lots or outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis courts, for instance. In all aspects, the new DEXAL drivers aim to realize a more sustainable outdoor lighting, with no compromises on efficiency and reliability and an extra focus on robustness. Once installed in the field, our long-lasting solutions help to significantly reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. Through connectivity, sustainability and future-proof technology, OT DEXAL G2 thus makes another step towards more eco-friendly and efficient outdoor lighting. 

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