Compact, reliable, versatile and robust: OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 outdoor LED driver from Inventronics 

High application flexibility: Four different dimming methods for free selection in one high-performance driver! 

Key facts at a glance
The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 from Inventronics is a very efficient, compact, DALI-based outdoor LED driver that can be used in a variety of applications. In street lighting, area lighting (such as in parking lots or public parks) and sports field lighting (e. g. for skate parks or tennis courts), for example. The driver offers four proven dimming solutions in one device: AstroDIM, StepDIM, MainsDIM and DALI. Thanks to its compact design, high efficiency and the DALI interface for wired control systems, the high-quality OT 4DIM G3 is perfect for various types of luminaires with low to medium mast heights. In addition, thanks to its certification with the DALI-2 standard and therefore the possibility to use DALI Data (DALI -251, -252, -253), the OSRAM OT 4DIM G3 is an important building block for intelligent, future-proof luminaires with wireless communication systems (based on the NEMA standard according to ANSI C136.41) – up to integration into IoT networks. 

A wide portfolio for different needs: We offer the right LED drivers to meet your dimming and connectivity requirements 
Those who want to save even more electricity costs with energy-efficient outdoor LED luminaires can use LED drivers and modules that enable luminaires with dimming function. This allows the brightness of the luminaires to be specifically lowered at certain times of the day or night in order to reduce power consumption. Inventronics offers various solutions for this purpose. With our OPTOTRONIC 1DIM G3 LED drivers you have a simple but very effective dimming solution at hand, which works with the proven AstroDIM technology. These drivers have an internal clock that defines and controls the dimming profile according to the seasons and the region of use. And those who prefer to see their outdoor LED luminaires at the cutting edge of technology and even make them fit for “Smart City” applications are well advised to use our OPTOTRONIC DEXAL G2 LED drivers. They enable bidirectional communication between LED modules, drivers and central control units. But there is also a third solution, which is located right between our 1DIM and our DEXAL LED drivers: our OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 LED drivers! 

Multiple options meet one very attractive price-performance ratio 
The OT 4DIM G3 offers many different possibilities. And that at a very attractive price-performance ratio. In terms of dimming, for example, you can freely choose between autonomous dimming with AstroDIM, dimming via a second mains line with StepDIM, dimming via the mains amplitude with MainsDIM, and dimming via DALI protocol. This makes it particularly easy to adapt the dimming method to the application at hand, for example when modernizing existing outdoor lighting systems. Moreover, the driver can be switched to a different dimming method at any time. This also works retroactively. For example if, after a transition phase, you want to upgrade the system from AstroDIM to DALI operation. The OT 4DIM G3 has the necessary interface and can be easily reprogrammed to utilize the advantages of state-of-the-art DALI communication technology. 

Easy programming with Tuner4TRONIC and even faster “box programming” via NFC 
Via our Tuner4TRONIC software suite and NFC, the desired luminaire parameters can be configured quickly, conveniently and wirelessly. And it works even faster via “box programming”: Here, all drivers included in the shipping unit can be programmed at the same time. Thanks to the improved NFC antenna, the LED drivers can also be programmed from the top surface. This facilitates access to the LED driver during luminaire production and during driver configuration in the field. It is also possible to read out data and reprogram the driver via NFC without opening the luminaire if the driver is located directly behind the optical cover (made of glass or plastic). This also saves a lot of time during maintenance! 

Less complexity, more flexibility 
As an all-in-one solution with four different, freely selectable dimming methods, the OT 4DIM G3 also reduces device complexity. Because with this driver, only one driver type needs to be procured or stored (instead of four different driver types). The dimming method can also be set on the device at a later point in time, depending on which method is best suited to the application in question. 

Additional features and benefits  
Some LED drivers have low accuracy in the output current, leading to an unprecise lighting result or higher power consumption, given a certain luminous flux target. Therefore, the more precise the output current accuracy, the easier it is to save power via the LED driver. With 3 % output current accuracy, the OT 4DIM G3 offers a state-of-the-art control of the relevant parameters for efficient energy savings, keeping the power consumption stable during the entire lifetime of the device. But the driver also has other advantages: for example, its high overvoltage protection of up to 10 kV and its integrated temperature management with “Driver Guard” and external temperature sensor (NTC) are important features that ensure the long service life of the device, particularly for outdoor applications. In addition, the DALI differential overvoltage protection of up to 1kV can also ensure high reliability, especially in DALI networks. Finally, the performance portfolio of the OT 4DIM G3 is rounded off by a wide operating window: From 5 to 200 W, 70 to 1050 mA and 10 to 300 V, the device offers many options for optimizing the efficiency and costs of outdoor LED luminaires. 

Even better as a system solution with LED modules from Inventronics 
As a system solution, the OT 4DIM G3 can be combined, for example, with OSRAM PrevaLED BRICK LED modules as well as additional surge protective devices (SPDs). When the LED driver is used in combination with an Inventronics LED module, your customers benefit from a significantly extended system guarantee. In addition, Inventronics also offers design-in support. 

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