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Key facts at a glance 
The way we work today is influenced by a wide variety of factors. In offices, for example, clearly by digitalization, more teamwork and more flexible working time models. Or by new workplace philosophies for more well-being, health and safety at work. Most recently, the Corona pandemic has caused many people to rethink their views on workplace strategies in general. With more people now working in home offices, workstations in traditional offices are being used more frequently by more than one person. As a result, our lighting concepts also need to be even more individualized. Would you like to know how you can use high-quality products from Inventronics to create flexible, energy-saving and innovative lighting at the workplace? Then read more about our state-of-the-art technologies and system solutions in our expert blog. For offices, but also for comparable indoor applications, such as in schools, universities or public buildings.

Focus on people: New lighting concepts for indoor workplaces 
In most buildings, working would probably be unthinkable without adequate and sufficient lighting. The weather outside has too great an influence on the amount of daylight that can penetrate into the rooms through the windows. Too many areas, such as corridors, staircases, restrooms or storage rooms, receive no natural light at all. And even sunrise and sunset do not stick to regular working hours or respect that sometimes people are working overtime after 5:00 p.m. in the depths of winter.  

As economical as necessary, as effective as required
In buildings, it is therefore all the more important to ensure that the right amount of light is available at all times. Simultaneously, it is becoming increasingly important that the light does not burn at full power the entire working day – especially against the backdrop of rising energy prices. With energy-efficient products, sustainable lighting solutions and flexible lighting control, Inventronics ensures that artificial light can be used as economically as necessary. But also as effectively as required. And that it also contributes to the well-being, health and safety of everyone in the building. 

Using light where it is needed 
One of the best-known keywords in this context is HCL – Human Centric Lighting. In other words, a lighting technology that puts people in the center of attention. And lets them decide individually how much light is needed at any given time. On the other hand, it also switches off the light when it is not needed because no one is in the room at the time. Or dims it down because there is still enough daylight. High-quality sensors play a major role here.

System solution 1:

Wireless system solution with OT Wi 35/50/80 BL/CA SELV, PrevaLED Linear G6 CRI >90, QBM LS/PD LB/MB R and HubSense 

In modern open-plan offices, new room concepts with office islands create a communicative, relaxed working atmosphere. At the same time, the lighting in such rooms must be so energy-efficient and individually adjustable that everyone really does feel comfortable. This can be achieved with our digitally controllable wireless system solution, consisting of high-quality LED modules from the PrevaLED product family, e. g. OSRAM PrevaLED Linear G6 CRI >90, the powerful LED driver OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent 35/50/80 BL/CA SELV and our D4i-certified sensors QBM LS/PD LowBay R or QBM LS/PD MidBay R. With an installation height of up to 3 meters (LowBay) or up to 8 meters (MidBay), the latter are suitable for correspondingly high office spaces, but also for corridors or parking garages, for example. The special advantage here is that this system solution can be configured and controlled wirelessly via our HubSense system. This can be done by all authorized users, simply via smartphone or tablet. And all this without the need for a central control system. This also has advantages for the installation, because no additional cables have to be laid. The drivers can be programmed quickly and easily via our Tuner4TRONIC software suite. Thanks to NFC and “box programming”, this can also be done wirelessly and even for up to 20 units at the same time! 

System solution 2:

Colormix system solution with OTi DALI 24V 4CH DT6/8 G3, LINEARlight Flex Colormix and DALI PRO 2 IoT   

In offices, the right lighting can not only help to increase motivation and prevent premature fatigue at work. Used correctly, it also creates a positive working atmosphere. Entrance areas or lobbies, for example, can be bathed in pleasant colored light. Right from the start, this creates a good mood among employees and visitors alike. For this, we recommend a system solution consisting of the following components: OSRAM OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 G3 LED driver: This multichannel device is ideal for Colormix applications, including RGB as well as RGBW. All it needs is a single DALI address. Tunable White and Dim to Warm are also possible with this driver. OSRAM LINEARlight Flex Colormix LED strips: These flexible modules can be installed in light coves, for example. They provide the right lighting atmosphere at all times – with continuously adjustable color temperatures. Our state-of-the-art DALI PRO 2 IoT controller: It allows the lighting of entire floors and even complete buildings to be controlled centrally. This device also enables the integration of the lighting system into the Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover,this system solution is also ideal for flexibly adapting the light in conference rooms to different requirements. For example, if you want to gently dim the light during a presentation.  

System solution 3:

Flexible system solution with LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V LED strips and OT 100/150/250 48V IP20 (coming soon)   

Do you have a lighting project ahead of you in which larger areas need to be equipped with LED strips? With long corridors, large conference rooms or entrance areas, for example? Then one of our latest innovations will definitely interest you: With our OSRAM LINEARlight Flex INFINITE 48V IP00/IP68 LED strips we have developed a novel product family of flexible LED modules. These now offer you even more scope for your lighting installation. Because with up to 18 meters, these strips are in some cases twice as long as conventional 24V LED strips. This means they need fewer drivers, which reduces the cost of installation. And, of course, they can be easily cut to the right length. In addition, the 48V LED strips offer improved energy efficiency and more homogeneous light distribution. They are available in various color temperatures and power levels. We also have the right LED driver for these LED strips in our portfolio: the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 100/150/250 48V IP20 (available from October/November 2023). This non-dimmable on/off driver comes in a slim, linear housing and in three different wattages: 100 W, 150 W and 250 W. With its IP20 rating, the driver is suitable for indoor applications. Together with our mounting profiles, this results in an ideal combination for a particularly powerful customized system solution! 

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