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Convince your customers with state-of-the-art LED system solutions from Inventronics

Key facts at a glance
Increasing demands on lighting comfort and rising energy prices make the use of innovative LED technology particularly attractive for private residential spaces. Regardless of whether you are a home or apartment owner, tenant or landlord, hardly anyone today will deny the many benefits of cutting-edge interior lighting. Many building owners, architects, light planners, installers and value-added resellers (VARs) have also long since said goodbye to conventional lighting technologies and prefer to plan their projects with more advanced, more sustainable solutions. This is because they can not only achieve beautiful lighting effects, but also do something good for the environment. And of course also for the end user’s budget! Would you also like to convince your customers with energy-saving LED technology? Then read on and learn more about the well-thought-out system solutions from Inventronics for private residential spaces:

Features and benefits

  • Wide-ranging light spectrum: Stepless dimming, color temperatures from cool to warm white and a wide spectrum of light colors ensure a high level of lighting comfort.
  • Concealed light sources: Slim, compact LED drivers and flat LED modules disappear into light coves, recessed ceilings or elegant luminaires.
  • Greater design freedom: Our bendable LED strips adapt to round structures and open up scope for creative lighting design.
  • Great energy-saving potential: LED technology is many times more energy-efficient than conventional lighting solutions for residential spaces.
  • Quick and easy installation: Whether for renovation projects or in new buildings – with products from Inventronics, installation is done in no time at all.
  • High product quality and optimal performance: With our durable, perfectly matched LED components, you can create impressive system solutions – and your customers benefit from our extended system guarantee!

Recognize and utilize new opportunities!
When it comes to lighting comfort, the demands of home and apartment owners, as well as tenants and landlords, have risen continuously in recent years. Among other things, the use of energy-efficient LED technology has led to significantly lower power consumption and longer device lifetimes. And thus, fortunately, also to a higher sustainability factor. At the same time, digitalization has resulted in the miniaturization of components and to an unprecedented application diversity. In many modern living areas, the ability to steplessly dim the light, to adjust the color temperature from cool to warm white or even to play with the entire light color spectrum is already standard practice. And even more so because you can save electricity and costs at the same time. This modern approach is further complemented by the use of flexible LED strips, which are virtually “invisible” as a light source, e. g. because they can be elegantly installed in light coves, recessed ceilings or very flat luminaires. However, this philosophy is still far from being accepted everywhere. In many cases, lighting systems that have been outdated for years or even decades are still waiting for their digital update with LED technology! This is particularly true for private residential spaces. The energy-efficient and cost-saving system solutions from Inventronics provide you with strong selling points to convince your customers.

System solution 1:

ICUTRONIC DALI 15/30/42 CS LED drivers and PrevaLED COIN LED modules
Thanks to its compact design, the OSRAM IT DALI 15/30/42 CS LED driver from Inventronics is ideal for use in private residential spaces, where space for lighting technology is often limited. In combination with our PrevaLED COIN LED modules, you can create energy-saving spotlights and downlights that blend elegantly into modern living environments. With the integrated Touch DIM function, these light sources can be dimmed easily and conveniently. And by the way: The latest model in this driver family, the IT DALI 15 CS, comes with a particularly sustainable design: The housing of this device is already made from 80 % recycled plastic.

System solution 2:

OPTOTRONIC FIT 24V LED drivers and TEC Flex 24V LED strips
The OSRAM OT FIT 24V constant-voltage LED driver from Inventronics is particularly suitable for residential construction projects where customers want an uncomplicated but dimmable LED-based lighting solution. This is because the device was developed for combination with simple trailing-edge phase-cut dimmers. This makes the OT FIT 24V the ideal driver for retrofit projects where existing residential lighting needs to be converted into a modern LED solution without too much effort. The system – consisting of the OT FIT 24V and optimally matching 24V LED modules, such as our TEC Flex 24V LED strips – can of course also be used to create completely new, dimmable LED lighting solutions in new buildings or in core refurbishment projects. The special highlight here is that no additional control cables are required for the dimming function, which makes installation noticeably easier and faster.

System solution 3:

OPTOTRONIC FIT CS PC LED drivers and PrevaLED COIN LED modules
Versatile, compact, energy-efficient and quick to install: Our OSRAM OT FIT CS PC LED driver family is compatible with many commercially available leading-edge and trailing-edge phase-cut dimmers. This simplifies device selection and gives you plenty of scope for planning dimmable LED lighting solutions for private residential spaces. In combination with our powerful OSRAM PrevaLED COIN LED modules, you can create elegant downlights or spotlights that do not take center stage, but instead provide pleasant indoor atmospheres with a high quality of light. The two latest driver models are particularly sustainable: The housings of the OT FIT CS PC 7W and the OT FIT CS PC 14W are made from 80 % recycled plastic.

System solution 4:

OPTOTRONIC Wi DIM 5CH CA LED dimmers plus ICUTRONIC FIT 24V LED drivers and TEC Flex LED strips
With this clever combination, end customers who not only want to dim their residential lighting but also experience different color temperatures and light colors can enjoy maximum freedom of design. The wirelessly controllable system consists of the OSRAM Wireless intelligent DIM 5CH CA LED dimmer and the OSRAM IT FIT 24V LED driver for the power supply. Joining the mix are our bendable OSRAM TEC Flex LED strips in the Tunable White and RGB Colormix versions. Thanks to the fifth channel on the OT Wi DIM 5CH CA, the LED strips can be connected to the device in parallel (two channels for TW, three channels for RGB). This allows you to create an incredible variety of lighting atmospheres: From bright to dimmed, from cool to warm white and from rich primary colors to soft pastel tones. This means that, right from the very beginning, you are ideally equipped to realize creative lighting design for private environments – just as the mood takes you, to suit any time of day or any special occasion.

Inventronics – your system provider for residential lighting
By taking over the business of OSRAM Digital Systems in Europe and Asia, Inventronics, as a global market leader in the lighting industry, is also setting standards in the residential lighting sector. With decades of experience and particularly energy-efficient system solutions, we can support luminaire manufacturers, but also building owners, architects, light planners, installers and value-added resellers (VARs) in realizing LED lighting systems for private residential spaces, thus enabling end users to save large amounts of electricity and create very attractive lighting effects.

Everything from a single source
As one of the leading manufacturers of dimmable LED drivers, versatile LED modules and flexible LED strips, we are your reliable partner for lighting systems of any complexity and size. Whether for renovation projects, new buildings or core refurbishments. In addition, the use of open standards provides plenty of creative freedom, as this makes our products compatible with third-party devices.

Even better with our system guarantee
For all the individual components presented here, your customers will of course receive long guarantee periods. In addition, however, we would also like to recommend combining our appliances, as this allows you to benefit from our extended system guarantees. Learn more about this here.

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