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Flexible, slim and future-proof: IT FIT 24V LED driver, OT Wi DIM 5CH CA LED dimmer and TEC Flex LED strips

Key facts at a glance
Private residential environments often have limited space available for lighting technology. That’s why it’s very important for this area of application to use devices that are as slim as possible. Because they can disappear discreetly in light coves, recessed ceilings or very flat luminaires. Devices such as the OSRAM ICUTRONIC FIT 24V LED driver, the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent DIM 5CH CA LED dimmer and the OSRAM TEC Flex LED strips from Inventronics, which are featured in this blog. The special advantages here are the combination of driver and dimmer, as well as the use of TEC Flex Tunable White and/or TEC Flex Colormix LED strips.

Features and benefits

  • IT FIT 24V: Highly efficient on/off LED driver with an excellent price/performance ratio – an optimal driver solution for the residential sector
  • OT Wi DIM 5CH CA: Wirelessly controllable Casambi-based LED dimmer with an additional fifth channel for optimal use of TEC Flex Tunable White and RGB Colormix LED strips – slim, but very powerful
  • TEC Flex TW: Flexible LED strips for Tunable White applications ensure the right lighting atmosphere at all times – from cool white to warm white
  • TEC Flex Colormix RGB: Flexible LED strips for RGB applications enable creative play with colored light – also in private houses and apartments

Saving in all the right places!
In addition to high product quality, long service life and clever digital features, we pay particular attention to maximum energy efficiency and miniaturization when developing our devices. In this way, we not only ensure greater sustainability, but also that our devices take up less and less space. Or, to put it in a nutshell: Particularly economical in terms of power consumption and small in terms of dimensions, but great when it comes to performance! This is how high-quality and elegant lighting solutions can be created, especially in the private residential sector.

A clever combination – for more options and greater lighting comfort
This is where our clever system solution consisting of our IT FIT 24V LED driver, our OT Wi DIM 5CH CA LED dimmer and our TEC Flex TW and/or TEC Flex Colormix RGB LED strips comes into play. In this case, the driver and the dimmer are combined with the LED strips to form an extremely versatile combination that ensures a high level of lighting comfort. The connection scheme is very straightforward: The IT FIT 24V is connected to the mains and supplies power to the OT Wi DIM 5CH CA. The TW and/or RGB LED strips are then connected to the OT Wi DIM 5CH CA. Depending on the taste and requirements of your customers, pure TW solutions, pure RGB solutions or a combination of both can be created – or, if necessary, supplemented accordingly at any time. The keyword here is: Future-proof! This makes this clever driver-dimmer combination a particularly flexible system solution. It provides you and your customers with a lot of scope for your creativity – and last but not least also for the budget!

OSRAM IT FIT 24V LED driver: Optimally suited for residential applications
With a high efficiency of up to 93 % and an excellent price/performance ratio, this on/off LED driver is ideal for indoor applications in private houses and apartments. It is very easy to connect and reliably supplies the OT Wi DIM 5CH CA LED dimmer with power. In combination with the OSRAM EASYFIT BL Switch pushbutton, which is based on Bluetooth technology, this creates a wirelessly controllable lighting solution that will delight your customers and significantly simplify your installation work

OSRAM OT Wi DIM 5CH CA LED dimmer: How to create light colors for every mood
This is perhaps the most important component within this system solution for the residential sector: With the slimly dimensioned, wirelessly controllable OT Wi DIM 5CH CA, it becomes possible to use a very wide range of light colors as well as color temperatures from cool to warm white. Thanks to the total of five available channels, TW LED modules can be connected in parallel with RGB LED modules to create a wide variety of lighting moods. Moreover, the OT Wi DIM 5CH CA can also be controlled via cable as an option to wireless control via Casambi. This is because it has additional terminals for the connection of control cables. Thus, a conversion from wireless to wired control (or vice versa) can also be carried out at a later date.

OSRAM TEC Flex TW LED strips: Flexible, discreet and wonderfully versatile
These pre-wired LED strips, which can be easily cut to the required length, are equipped with high-quality LEDs that emit cool or warm white light. The right mix of color temperatures in the Tunable White application and high-quality dimming via pulse-width modulation (PWM) create the right lighting atmosphere and brightness at any time of day. Thanks to their particularly slim design, the strips disappear discreetly in light coves or even in very flat luminaires. And thanks to the practical adhesive tape on the back, they can also be mounted on many smooth surfaces in no time at all.

OSRAM TEC Flex Colormix RGB LED strips: Dynamic lighting effects, smooth color changes
Colored light in all its facets is becoming increasingly popular also in private residential spaces. This is a trend that you can use for the success of your business. Our OSRAM TEC Flex Colormix RGB LED strips have many features and advantages in common with the TW strips, including, for example, high-quality manufacturing, PWM dimming or extremely easy plug-and-play installation using adhesive strips. The big difference here is that they are equipped with RGB LEDs in the colors red, green and blue. This makes it possible to create an enormously wide range of color temperatures – from brilliant primary colors to subtle pastel shades. As a result, our TEC Flex Colormix RGB LED strips create particularly impressive moods with dynamic lighting effects and smooth color changes.

Even better with our system guarantee
By the way: Each of the individual components of the system – OT Wi DIM 5CH CA, IT FIT 24V, TEC Flex TW and TEC Flex RGB – comes with the same high guarantee period of 5 years. Read more about our guarantee conditions here.

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