The straightforward dimming solution: OT FIT 24V Phase-Cut LED driver and TEC Flex LED strips

Effortless installation without additional control cables, ideal for renovation projects and new buildings alike

Key facts at a glance
In many private households, dimmable lighting systems were often implemented using simple but effective phase-cut control technology. That’s because it requires no additional wiring beyond the mains power supply. Only a special rotary dimmer switch is needed. The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC FIT 24V Phase-Cut LED driver from Inventronics is ideal for retrofitting such systems to LED technology without a great deal of effort. But of course also for building a simple, dimmable LED lighting system completely from scratch, for example in new buildings or core refurbishment projects. This is particularly the case when customers do not require a more precise dimming method such as DALI, for example. The OT FIT 24V PC is optimally matched to the interaction with 24V LED modules from Inventronics, for example our versatile TEC Flex 24V LED strips.

Features and benefits

  • Fast and easy installation: No additional control cables required
  • Stepless manual dimming 3…100 %: Enables your customers to save electricity and create a pleasant ambience
  • Optimal compatibility: System combines OT FIT 24V PC LED drivers with 24V LED modules, e. g. TEC Flex 24V LED strips
  • Saving electricity, the easy way: Simply with manual rotary dimmer switches and without time-consuming commissioning
  • High light quality thanks to high color consistency and uniform light distribution
  • Flexible application: Suitable for general lighting as well as decorative lighting accents
  • Slim and compact design: Ideal for installation into luminaires, light coves or recessed ceilings
  • Wide selection of TEC Flex 24V LED strips with color temperatures from cool to warm white
  • High efficiency of up to 150 lm/W

OSRAM OPTOTRONIC FIT 24V Phase-Cut LED drivers: Dimmable and quick to install, ideal for private residential spaces
The dimmable constant-voltage LED driver OSRAM OT FIT 24V PC was developed for use with phase-cut dimmers. Dimming is achieved by interrupting part of the sine wave of the AC mains current. This is also the reason why no additional control cables are required with this method. For dimming, the cables for the mains power supply are sufficient. This means less workload for installers – and the end customers benefit from the lower overall costs of their new, dimmable LED lighting system. Thanks to its compact design, this driver is very well suited to be built into LED luminaires. With the optional cable clamps, however, independent installation is also possible, e. g. into light coves or recessed ceilings. In combination with compatible dimmer switches, our OT FIT 24V PC LED drivers enable stepless dimming from 3…100 %. This is a simple and effective way to save electricity in private households as well as other indoor areas.

OSRAM TEC Flex 24V LED strips: The flexible solution for general lighting and decorative indoor lighting effects
Our comprehensive portfolio of TEC Flex 24 LED strips offers high levels of efficiency of up to 150 lm/W and a wide range of color temperatures from cool to warm white. The strips are easy to install and, due to their flexibility, also adapt perfectly even to curved shapes. Thanks to high color consistency and very uniform light distribution (especially in the short-pitch version), these modules ensure a good quality of light from the very beginning. Regardless of whether they are used for general lighting or decorative lighting effects. In combination with the OT FIT 24V PC LED drivers and corresponding dimmer switches, the result is an uncomplicated plug-and-play solution that works straight away. Without any tangled cables or time-consuming commissioning.

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