Saving costs like never before: With LED technology for industrial applications

Inventronics offers convincing talking points for the use of state-of-the-art LED system solutions

Key facts at a glance
The lighting of industrial facilities with their high ceilings and large areas creates special tasks for luminaire manufacturers and installers, but also for operators and facility managers. The special requirements in terms of brightness, light quality and safety, for example. Or the installation and maintenance of luminaires at great heights. In addition, there are often very high electricity and maintenance costs to consider, for example for the lighting of production facilities, warehouses or distribution centers. In the application area “Industry,” switching from conventional lighting solutions to cutting-edge LED technology from Inventronics offers a whole range of undeniable advantages that will convince your customers:

Features and benefits

  • Significantly reduced power consumption: LED luminaires consume up to 85 % less electricity than their conventional predecessors.
  • Fast payback: Thanks to lower electricity costs, the investment in a new system often pays for itself after just 1-3 years.
  • Longer service life: LED luminaires last much longer than conventional lighting solutions. Which also means: less waste, increased sustainability factor!
  • Lower maintenance costs: LED luminaires require less frequent maintenance. A big advantage, also in terms of the costs!
  • Reduced workload: Through the use of wireless control options from Inventronics, luminaire parameters to be adjusted without the use of ladders or lifting platforms.
  • Excellent light quality: High-performance LED luminaires with uniform light distribution help to increase the productivity and safety of the employees on site!
  • Optimal use of light saves power and costs: Thanks to state-of-the-art LED drivers with dimming function in combination with innovative sensor technology, the light is only switched on when and where it is needed.

With high-quality products from Inventronics, you can help many industrial sectors save costs
For the “Industry” application area, Inventronics offers versatile LED drivers and high-performance LED modules, as well as state-of-the-art sensor technology and digital light management systems for the central control of lighting installations. Our advanced products offer benefits to many industrial sectors, on several levels at the same time. In addition to the considerable savings in electricity and maintenance costs, for example, they also benefit from a significantly increased light quality and its customization to specific lighting tasks. Furthermore, our well-designed system solutions also ensure maximum safety at the workplace. In the following, we would like to present some of them to you:

System solution 1:

OSRAM IT DALI G2 LED drivers, combinable with PrevaLED Linear or Basic Linear LED modules, innovative LMS options and state-of-the-art sensor technology
The DALI-2-certified OSRAM ICUTRONIC DALI G2 driver family from Inventronics offers a clever selection of useful features and a perfect price-performance ratio. Combined with our PrevaLED Linear or Basic Linear LED modules, the result is an outstanding system solution for industrial applications. For central control of larger areas, for example in warehouses, our DALI PRO 2 IoT controller is a great choice. Alternatively, Bluetooth-supported wireless control via DALI ECO BT Control is also an option. Its interaction with our DALI-2-certified LS/PD HighBay sensors allows leveraging enormous savings potentials.

System solution 2:

Delivers what the name promises: OT Wireless intelligent BL NFC L LED driver, optimally combinable with our PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules
The OPTOTRONIC Wi BL NFC L from Inventronics is a wirelessly controllable LED driver based on the well-known Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) communication protocol. It ensures a significant reduction in electricity and maintenance costs – for example in production facilities, warehouses, or distribution centers. In addition, thanks to our very broad portfolio of PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules (with currently 40 product variants and five available color temperatures) your customers can use exactly the right system solution for their specific application requirements.

System solution 3:

For facilities of almost any size: OTi DEXAL D NFC IND L LED drivers with PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules, our wireless QBM D4i sensors and the HubSense R2G app
The OPTOTRONIC intelligent DEXAL D NFC IND L is a linear LED driver according to the D4i standard. Its robust design makes it ideal for indoor applications in the industrial sector. Combining it with our PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules and our wirelessly controllable QBM D4i LS/PD sensors creates a system solution that is suitable for a wide range of facility sizes. The sensors are available in three different versions: from LowBay (e. g. for parking garages) to MidBay (e. g. for medium-sized production facilities or warehouses) to HighBay (e. g. for high-bay warehouses in large distribution centers). For applications with up to 40 nodes, we recommend configuring and controlling the lighting system via our intuitive HubSense R2G app for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

System solution 4:

Simple, but reliable: ICUTRONIC DIM 40/60/75 HF LS/PD Sensor KIT
In many areas of industry, simple but reliable LED driver solutions are needed that use sensors to reduce power consumption. The IT DIM 40/60/75 HF LS/PD Sensor KIT from Inventronics is precisely such a solution. The system is available in three different versions (with 40, 60 and 75 W). The stepwise-dimmable drivers offer a high quality of light thanks to a low ripple current (<5 %) and a high efficiency of 86, 92 or 93 % (depending on the model). The kit also includes the energy-saving HF sensor. Thanks to daylight and presence detection, it ensures that the power consumption of the connected LED modules is significantly reduced. All parameters relevant to the sensor system can be set via simple DIP switches. The driver and the sensor are perfectly matched: They are durable and have a slim, linear housing that takes up little space. And they can be connected and installed in next to no time at all. With this clever driver-sensor combination, your customers can save electricity costs quickly and effectively.

Inventronics – your system provider for industrial lighting technology
By taking over OSRAM Digital Systems’ business in Europe and Asia, Inventronics, as a global market leader in the lighting business, is also setting standards in the industry sector. With decades of experience and especially energy-efficient system solutions, we can help luminaire manufacturers, as well as installers, operators or facility managers to realize industrial lighting systems that can save large amounts of electricity and achieve sustainability objectives.

Everything from a single source
As one of the leading manufacturers of linear LED drivers and LED modules, we are your reliable partner for industry projects of any complexity and size. In addition, the use of open standards also ensures flexibility and creative freedom, as this makes our products compatible with third-party devices.

Utilize our extended system guarantees
When it comes to our components, we always think about the bigger picture. The combination of our products creates reliable and efficient installations for which we can offer you extended system guarantees. This gives you the security of a long-term, future-proof investment. Learn more about this here.

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