How to use intelligent LED drivers for state-of-the-art industrial lighting

Optimal for indoor projects: OT Wi BL NFC L LED drivers or OTi DEXAL D NFC IND L with QBM D4i sensors and HubSense R2G (available soon)

Key facts at a glance
With the increasing digitalization in many areas of life and work, the number of products ordered via the Internet is rising. And with it, the construction of state-of-the-art warehouses and logistics centers. In such and similar areas – such as manufacturing, but also in train stations, at airports or in the retail business – industrial companies can save a great deal of electricity, CO2 and money when it comes to lighting. With energy-efficient LED technologies and intelligent system solutions from Inventronics, you can create the optimal conditions for this. In this blog, we would like to present some of them to you.

Features and benefits

  • OT Wi BL NFC L: Wireless linear LED driver based on Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM), quickly programmable via NFC, highly suitable e. g. for use in warehouses or logistics centers
  • PrevaLED Linear G6: Energy-efficient LED modules in linear design, currently available in 40 product variants incl. five color temperatures from cool to warm white
  • OTi DEXAL D NFC IND L: Linear LED driver according to D4i standard, particularly robust, built for use in industrial environments, can be optimally combined with our QBM D4i LS/PD sensors
  • QBM D4i LS/PD sensors: Wireless light sensors or presence detectors according to D4i standard, ideal for installation in OTi DEXAL D NFC IND L LED drivers, available in LowBay (LB), MidBay (MB) and HighBay (HB) versions
  • HubSense R2G: With this intuitive “streamlined version” of our HubSense app, commissioning of the lighting installation is immediately at your fingertips (“R2G” stands for “Ready to Go”)

With the right lighting technology, industrial companies can save a lot of money
Planning to equip a production hall, warehouse or, for example, a logistics center with a modern, energy-saving lighting system? No problem with the innovative components from Inventronics! Whether for new buildings or retrofit projects: We offer state-of-the-art LED drivers, high-performance LED modules, D4i-certified sensors with our clever HubSense R2G app for industrial indoor use. Our products for industry applications are not only particularly durable and robust, but, thanks to their intelligent features, also help your customers to save as much electricity, CO2 and costs as possible. This protects the environment – and the much-quoted “wallet” as well.

OSRAM OT Wi BL NFC L LED driver: Intelligent features, wireless control
The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent BL NFC L from Inventronics is a non-isolated LED driver range with a linear form factor. It delivers what its name promises: an optimal symbiosis of wireless control and intelligent features. The wireless control works on the basis of the widely used Qualified Bluetooth Mesh communication protocol. This allows users to configure the connected LED luminaires from a mobile smartphone or tablet. At any given time – quickly, conveniently and without complicated procedures. This makes the OT Wi BL NFC L ideal for energy-saving applications in various industrial areas, such as warehouses and logistics centers. But this indoor driver also shows what it is made of in manufacturing, train stations, airports or in the retail business. Thanks to a wide dimming range of 1…100 % and a low ripple current of only <1 %, it ensures a very high quality of light, which is also becoming increasingly important in industrial applications. On top of this comes a very long service life of up to 100,000 hours. Moreover, these drivers can be programmed extremely quickly and easily via near-field communication (NFC) using our Tuner4TRONIC software suite. This saves time and money even before installation. Our OT Wi BL NFC L LED drivers work optimally in combination with our OSRAM PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules.

OSRAM PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules: Wide product range for industrial indoor applications
With currently 40 product variants, OSRAM PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules offer an impressively broad product portfolio. They are particularly suitable wherever high demands on energy efficiency, robustness and durability meet large areas that need to be illuminated. In production halls and warehouses, for example. Or in logistics centers with their typical high shelves and often very high ceiling heights. But these LED modules are also ideal for the retail business, where, for example, long corridors or escape routes need to be supplied with light. With five color temperatures from cool to warm white, the right PrevaLED Linear G6 model is available for almost every industrial application.

OSRAM OTi DEXAL D NFC Industry L LED driver: The perfect choice for demanding and robust applications
With specific features for demanding applications such as production halls or large warehouses, the OPTOTRONIC intelligent DEXAL D NFC Industry L is a linear, non-isolated LED driver in accordance with the latest D4i standard. This driver is characterized by its robust design and long service life as well as a very wide ambient temperature range and a long guarantee period. It is currently available in two product versions with 100 or 150 watts. Perfectly suited for industrial environments, it can be optimally combined with the aforementioned PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules as well as with our wireless QBM D4i LS/PD sensors.

OSRAM QBM D4i LS/PD sensors (LB/MB/HB): Quickly installed, radio-controlled and flexible
As highly sensitive radio-controlled light sensors or presence detectors, these devices ensure that artificial LED light is only switched on when daylight alone is no longer sufficient (keyword: “daylight harvesting”) or when people are in the room. This leads to significant savings in terms of electricity consumption, carbon footprint and operating costs. And these, as we all know, are often particularly high in industry. Because, depending on the specific area of application and the size of the facility, a great deal of light is often required here. Sometimes even around the clock. The OSRAM QBM D4i LS/PD sensors from Inventronics have a round design and are available in three versions: QBM D4i LS/PD LowBay R for installation heights of up to 3.5 meters, QBM D4i LS/PD MidBay R for up to 12 meters and QBM D4i LS/PD HighBay R for up to 17 meters. The LB version is also suitable for “secondary” industrial locations such as parking garages, for example. And the MB version can be used in medium-sized halls or warehouses. What they all have in common, however, is fast, uncomplicated installation and mobile wireless control: The sensors are installed in no time at all and can then be configured and controlled via common Bluetooth-enabled smartphones or tablets. This is where – as the final but important component of this solution – our clever HubSense R2G app comes into play.

HubSense R2G (“Ready to Go”): Configuring and controlling light intuitively, simply via smartphone or tablet (available soon)
Unlike extensive installations of about 40 nodes or more, for which we recommend the use of our “large” HubSense system, smaller solutions (such as the system presented here with the OTi DX D NFC IND L LED drivers and the QBM D4i LS/PD sensors) do not require the “full package.” In order to wirelessly configure and control the sensors, it is sufficient to master the “streamlined version” HubSense R2G (“Ready to Go”). Which is indeed very easy. Handling is quick and intuitive to learn. This requires neither a training nor a manual. The basic functions of the HubSense R2G App enable essential lighting control without any additional effort. You can use one of the pre-installed light profiles or create your own individual profiles. Based on Bluetooth Mesh, HubSense R2G from Inventronics will be available in many languages as a cost-free mobile app for smartphone or tablet.

Even better with our system guarantee
For the combination of LED drivers and LED modules from Inventronics (as well as, if applicable, our QBM D4i sensors and the HubSense R2G app), you will receive our extended system guarantee. Learn more about it here.

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