The perfect combination of cost efficiency and energy savings

Systems with IT DIM and the HF LS/PD Sensor KIT: Easy, flexible and energy-saving

Designing cost-saving lighting systems is now easier than ever before: thanks to IT DIM LED drivers in combination with the HF LS/PD Sensor. The KIT consists of the ICUTRONIC LED driver and a light/HF radar sensor. The non-isolated drivers with 40, 60, or 75 W ensure high lighting quality due to their low ripple current and high efficiency. Four different output currents can be quickly and flexibly defined via a DIP switch. Based on light and movement detection, the HF radar sensor significantly reduces the power consumption of the lighting system. On top of that, it is more effective than as a conventional PIR sensor because it can also detect very small movements – even through walls made of plasterboard, wood or glass. All the detection characteristics and switch-off delays can be conveniently adjusted via DIP switches on the sensor. Thus, the system is the perfect choice for industrial halls, logistics centers, underground car parks, as well as supermarkets. It is deployed in both linear and area luminaires, for example with the PrevaLED LINEAR and AREA LED modules. In short: If you’re looking for a simple solution with great savings potential, then you’ve found the perfect match!

Benefit from efficient sensor technology, simple installation and high flexibility – with IT DIM and the HF LS/PD Sensor KIT.

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