OSRAM IT DALI G2 LED drivers with a perfect price-performance ratio – Available soon!

Cost-optimized and clever: Discover our second-generation OSRAM ICUTRONIC DALI LED drivers!

Key facts at a glance
Since acquiring OSRAM Digital Systems’ business in Europe and Asia, Inventronics has become a global leader in the lighting industry. With our extensive portfolio, we are optimally positioned to supply high-quality components and perfectly matched system solutions. For the lighting of office buildings, for industry applications or the shop/retail sector, for instance. For price-sensitive projects that nevertheless require high functionality and product quality, we recommend our ICUTRONIC DALI G2 LED driver family. Would you like to know more about this? Then read on and learn all about our ICUTRONIC DALI G2 LED drivers!

Available in three different wattages: 40, 75 and 100 W
Carefully selected features: For an optimal price-performance ratio
High energy efficiency, long service life and dimmability: Enabling your customers to protect the environment and save energy, CO2 and operating costs
Very wide operating windows: Various module combinations possible
Optimally combinable with our PrevaLED Linear and Basic Linear LED modules: Your customers benefit from our extended system guarantee
Combinable with state-of-the-art HighBay sensor technology: Ideal e. g. for high-bay warehouses
Plug-and-play control with DALI ECO BT Control: Configuration and control of IT DALI G2 LED drivers via smartphone
Possibility for central control of up to 128 IT DALI G2 LED drivers via the DALI PRO 2 IoT controller: Light management for entire floors or complete buildings, with state-of-the-art features

ICUTRONIC DALI G2: The latest driver generation for state-of-the-art lighting
In order to always be in touch with what the lighting market needs, we are constantly exchanging information with our customers. That’s how we find out which components, features and systems are currently most urgently needed. And for which application areas they are most in demand. This was no different with the development of our DALI-2-certified LED driver family ICUTRONIC DALI G2 in 40, 60 and 75 W.

IT DALI G2 offers a clever selection of useful features
Sometimes there are lighting projects where the budget has to be kept to a minimum, but a high level of functionality is still required. This is precisely why we have developed our IT DALI G2 LED driver family. It combines high efficiency thanks to a non-isolated driver design with a clever range of functions and DALI-2-certified dimmability. The ideal solution for your lighting project, e. g. in office buildings or industrial applications!

Energy efficiency, dimmability and long service life for more sustainability
Our IT DALI G2 LED drivers offer a high efficiency of up to 94 %. Thanks to the dimmability according to the DALI-2 standard, it is also possible to save a lot of electricity. Even when the drivers are not actively in operation, the low standby power consumption of just 0.25 W provides end users with peace of mind and low operating costs. And last but not least, the long service life of up to 100,000 hours (at tc = 65 °C) means that these devices need to be replaced only after a very long time. All this has a very positive impact on sustainability. Because it helps to economize on our resources, to avoid waste, to save electricity, and to protect the environment.

Now with dimming range 3…100 % and integrated Touch DIM function
With IT DALI G2, we have also extended the dimming range, thus improving not only the power saving potential but also comfort for the user. The dimming range now goes from 3…100 % (instead of 10…100 % as with the first-generation drivers). And it does so with a low residual ripple of no more than 4 %, which ensures a comfortably high lighting quality even in dimming mode. The Touch DIM function is also integrated, enabling simple dimming without DALI, using just a single pushbutton.

Application in Emergency Lighting (EL)
IT DALI G2 LED drivers are EL-certified and therefore also suitable for emergency lighting with central batteries. The LED driver family is available in 40, 75 and 100 W and offers integrated overload and temperature protection. The wide output window can be flexibly adjusted via the integrated Rset interface. And, of course, all driver parameters can be programmed before installation using our Tuner4TRONIC software suite – conveniently and digitally, quickly and easily.

System solution with PrevaLED Linear LED modules and DALI ECO BT
Inventronics offers all components you need for your lighting solution. For example, our IT DALI G2 LED drivers can be perfectly combined with our high-performance LED modules of the PrevaLED Linear and Basic Linear product families. The Touch DIM function integrated in the driver allows easy dimming directly with a conventional pushbutton. Our DALI-2 sensors for luminaire installation are a high-quality upgrade for any luminaire. Their position directly within the work area is ideal for presence detection and light control. Individual rooms with multiple luminaires can be easily controlled with our DALI ECO BT.

Plug-and-play system solution with DALI ECO BT Control and DALI-2-certified sensors
With DALI ECO BT, the entire lighting installation consisting of our IT DALI G2 LED drivers and PrevaLED Linear or Basic Linear LED modules can be easily configured and controlled via a smartphone. The combination with our cutting-edge, DALI-2-certified sensors such as the DALI-2 sensor LS/PD HB LI (HighBay, Luminaire Integration) or the DALI-2 sensor PD HB CM (HighBay, Ceiling Mounting) for energy saving is also possible.

More about DALI ECO BT Control

  • Powerful, compact lighting controller combinable with DALI-2 sensors for energy saving (presence detection and daylight harvesting)
  • “Out-of-the-box” features, no commissioning needed
  • Perfect for applications with up to 32 luminaires

Further control options
For larger areas or even entire buildings with more sophisticated control requirements, our DALI PRO 2 IoT light management system is an excellent choice. And in case you are retrofitting a lighting installation and a wireless solution is required, make sure to check out our innovative HubSense control system.

Benefit from our well-thought-out system solutions – that’s money well spent!
Your customers will also benefit from using our system solutions: Because, in addition to our standard guarantees for individual devices, they can also rely on our extended system guarantee. So there’s another good reason for combining our ICUTRONIC DALI G2 LED drivers with our reliable LED modules and our state-of-the-art light management systems.

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