Strong performance in outdoor applicationsexterior areas: Discover our cost-optimizing LED drivers!

Lighting systems for exterior and industrial applications must be able to withstand even extreme environmental conditions – and that, of course, also has cost implications. But what if we told you that there are very reliable solutions for these areas of application that also offer excellent value for money? What’s that? Can’t be done, you say? We say: Yes, of course it can. With our cost-optimizing LED drivers!

Customers from sectors such as exterior lighting, sports or industry are usually looking for lighting systems that can keep both the initial and the operating costs in check. At the same time, however, they do not want to sacrifice important functions and a certain level of comfort. Therefore, what is needed here are practical and robust solutions that do not come with too many features and reliably perform their tasks – but which are nevertheless future-proof and use modern technology to ensure that energy can be saved. Just like our newest LED drivers for exterior areas, for example. They are precisely tailored for use in large-scale projects where – in addition to their performance – cost control, the right level of protection and useful functions are also important. Read on and let us show you what can be done!

With our two new LED drivers from the ICUTRONIC family, we accomplish the balancing act between a state-of-the-art connectivity solution and very efficiently designed, but robust devices: Both ICUTRONIC DALI Exterior (IT DALI E) and ICUTRONIC DALI P7 enable easy dimming of the connected LED modules (such as OSRAM PrevaLED BRICK) and are also suitable for exterior applications.

Take IT DALI E, for example: These drivers can be installed into luminaires with a protection rating of up to IP54 and are thus protected against particularly low and high temperatures (-40 to +60 °C), vibrations, voltage fluctuations and overvoltages of up to 10 kV, among other things. With IT DALI E, your customers benefit from a solution that focuses on cost optimization through efficiency, dimmability and compact luminaire size.

Our new ICUTRONIC DALI P7 LED drivers, thanks to their IP67 ingress protection rating, offer an even higher level of protection against the sometimes harsh operating and weather conditions in outdoor areas. These devices are therefore particularly well suited for installation and operation within lighting systems for sports facilities or parking lots, where LED drivers also need to be protected against UV radiation, rain humidity or condensed water. IT DALI P7 is the right choice for anyone who needs simple, but particularly robust LED drivers for their application, with which they can dim the connected LED modules and thus save energy costs.

Both devices are available in several different wattages, depending on the specific power requirement – from 20, 40, 75, 110 and 150 up to 200 watts for the IP20 versions and up to 240 watts for the IP67 version. Via our Tuner4TRONIC software suite, both can be programmed quickly, efficiently and specifically for the intended lighting tasks. Thanks to the integrated AstroDIM function, it is also possible to set specific dimming profiles for autonomous dimming.

And both have been optimized for system operation with OSRAM PrevaLED BRICK LED modules. Moreover, both IT DALI E and IT DALI P7 offer a long service life, a wide operating temperature range and overvoltage protection of up to 10 kV. And, last but not least, thanks to their small dimensions, these compact drivers can be easily integrated into modern, slimline LED luminaires, enabling cost-optimizing lighting systems.

But perhaps the greatest highlight of these LED drivers is that they have a DALI-2 interface and are also compliant with the DALI parts -251, -252 and -253. Not only can the dimming function be controlled via this interface, but this also allows to store the luminaire data in the driver and get access to additional parameters related to the operating status and power consumption of the luminaire. This provides operators with useful answers to important questions such as:

  • How many hours has the luminaire been in operation so far?
  • How did the system perform?
  • How much power was consumed?
  • Is the product near its end of life?
  • etc.

This information can then be used for predictive maintenance, for example, or to optimize lighting installations for power and cost savings. Long story short: IT DALI E and IT DALI P7 offer exactly the right performance portfolio for customers who are looking for simple and economical, yet robust, efficient and future-proof LED drivers – no more, but definitely no less!

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