How you can help cities get ready for smarter lighting

First the good news, then even more good news: From now on, cities and municipalities no longer need to wait if they want to make their street lighting better, smarter and more efficient.

We already offer all you need for this. And here’s the best part: With our solutions, your street lights remain flexible in the long term, because they can be adapted to the latest developments at any time. How does this work? Read on and find out!

Intelligent LED technologies that make the lighting of streets, squares and outdoor facilities more efficient and flexible are already available today. With a wide range of highly reliable, energy-saving and digitally controllable components, we help luminaire manufacturers make street lighting ready for the “smart city” of the future. And of course we also support installers, as well as cities and municipalities, with expert advice to ensure a smooth transition to state-of-the-art system solutions.

Our state-of-the-art outdoor solutions are designed for long-term use. They offer the best flexibility and adaptability for smart connectivity for many years to come. This means that upgrades to the latest technology standards can take place step by step. Because in the field of digital communications, technological developments sometimes progress so quickly that a clever new solution can become obsolete soon after being launched. So it’s no wonder that decision-makers in city and community administrations often hesitate when it comes to renewing and modernizing their street lighting. After all, who wants to spend a lot of money today, only to find out just a few years later that the costly digital lighting infrastructure installed back then now no longer meets current requirements – or that certain components are no longer compatible with the latest technologies?

For all these tasks, we have developed Tuner4TRONIC (T4T) – our powerful digital solution for the time-saving development, fast production and easy configuration of cutting-edge LED driver technologies. Tuner4TRONIC supports different production schemes, from individual programming of low batches to highly automatized mass production. At the installation site, installation staff can realize fine-tuning or modifications with the easy-to-use mobile T4T Field App. Maintenance and service technicians can also use this app to monitor the luminaire’s status, upload revised settings or to replace LED drivers, reprogramming them via cables (DALI) or wireless (NFC).

And on top of all that, many of our durable outdoor components already meet all the requirements to enable smart and sustainable public illumination. They are flexible, easy to configure and maintain, and ready for future smart city applications.

In short, “smart city readiness” is part of the DNA of our system solutions for modern street lighting. Our portfolio offers the right components for every application profile and every budget:

Our robust OPTOTRONIC DEXAL LED drivers are D4i-certified and available in different wattages of up to 165 W. Prepared for combination with all D4i sensors and control systems, they also enable the design of Zhaga D4i smart city ready luminaires. They are suitable for immediate plug-and-play as well as for later upgrades.

With AstroDIM, StepDIM, MainsDIM and DALI-2 with DALI DATA, our OPTOTRONIC DALI 4DIM LED drivers offer the widest range of dimming methods while reducing complexity for luminaire manufacturers: One single driver allows for multiple applications and is suitable for wired DALI or NEMA-based light management.

Very soon, our new ICUTRONIC DALI LED drivers will also be available. Focused on the most important application areas through an intelligent selection of high-quality functions, they will enable the design of cost-optimized LED luminaires thanks to their compactness. Suitable for streetlight and area lighting applications with a wide range of power packages of up to 240 W, the new IT DALI E IP20 and IT DALI IP67 drivers will also be ready for various connectivity solutions via the DALI-2 interface with DALI DATA.

All driver variants enable energy-saving dimming of streetlights and are optimally suited for use with our PrevaLED BRICK HP LED modules. The latest of these modules, PrevaLED BRICK HP HE, delivers not only high light output but also high energy efficiency – thus covering two of the most essential capabilities for today’s (and tomorrow’s) outdoor lighting.

We know that lighting technologies for outdoor use can vary greatly due to the individual needs of end users. That’s why we offer a very efficient and fast customization process for LED modules. Our goal is to reduce complexity for luminaire manufacturers, while always ensuring state-of-the-art LEDs for outdoor lighting and being able to provide a higher system-level warranty at the same time.

Another important point is the robustness of the installed systems. This is where tough surge protection devices such as our SPD G2 come into play, which provide reliable protection against surges of up to 20,000 volts. Thanks to these devices, LED drivers are even more protected and maintenance will be easier and more convenient!

We offer you everything you need to plan and build state-of-the-art street lighting systems with a strong focus on smart city readiness as well as on the need for cost efficiency and flexibility for future developments.

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