Efficiency meets reliability for street lighting

The high-efficiency LED systems from us offer safety and reliability, and support the reduction of the carbon footprint for outdoor lighting.

LED technology not only offers safety in street lighting, but also is an important building block that enables a carbon footprint reduction for municipalities. Our reliable Outdoor LED drivers and the new LED module PrevaLED Brick HP HE support the conversion from conventional lighting to sustainable LED technologies.

The PrevaLED Brick HP HE LED module stands for High Power and High Efficiency: it has been especially developed for the standard outdoor applications, with a focus on high efficiency.

Our new Zhaga-based LED module provides higher lumen output and improved light uniformity once combined with secondary optics, due to its symmetric light distribution. Thanks to its LEDs corrosion stability, long service life and ESD protection up to 8kV, it is suitable not only for street, sports and area lighting, but also for high bay and tunnel lighting applications.

Finally, its higher light density and improved efficacy features open up new and material-saving design possibilities, leading to lighter and smaller fixtures, with a smaller carbon footprint.

n outdoor applications, and especially in street lighting, reliable and robust solutions are key to future-proof and secure investments.

Failures of LED components in outdoor application result in temporary reduction of performance and safety in the lighting installations – and could lead to severe consequences.

The replacement of failed components can lead to very high secondary costs due to the nature of installations: complexity of the luminaires, installation height and the need for elevating work platforms.

In addition, such replacements can lead to the interruption of some services such as street and tunnel lighting, again leading to potential high costs.

Our outdoor drivers are designed with a focus on efficiency and quality. The selection of high-performance components and suppliers is a prerequisite of each product we bring to the market.

Even in hard times of component scarcity our primary focus is on providing best-in-class solutions, without making any compromises on the quality. A wrong decision today might have a huge impact on the future.

Customization is the key to an optimally adapted and cost-efficient outdoor lighting system with the latest LED technology. We offer individual service for LED modules for our customers – including luminaire validation with OSRAM LED components.

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