Meeting sustainability targets faster – with the OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT controller

How to optimize energy efficiency by leveraging lighting data

More and more companies, government agencies and other organizations are committing themselves to high standards in terms of climate and environmental protection, energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability. The utilization of energy-saving, durable LED lighting technologies plays an important role in achieving these objectives. In larger installations, such as office buildings, a digital light management system such as the OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT from Inventronics offers additional benefits: As a durable, high-performance and DALI-2-certified controller with an integrated IoT gateway, the device supports the use of DALI Data for energy and maintenance monitoring of entire floors or complete buildings. This allows the energy consumption of the lighting system as a whole to be better controlled, optimized and reduced. In combination with intelligent sensor technology and well-thought-out dimming profiles, it is also possible to switch on the artificial light only when and where it is actually needed. Various strategies, such as presence detection or daylight harvesting, are used for this purpose.

Moreover, the DALI PRO 2 IoT controller also enables predictive planning of maintenance work. This helps to maximize the service life of the lighting system and further optimizes its sustainability.
Other important features of the device include the option of remote monitoring, support for the emergency lighting function and an open REST/MQTT API for the integration of third-party systems. Moreover, you no longer have to plan and carry out emergency lighting tests yourself. The DALI PRO 2 IoT does this automatically and provides regular test reports. The “health status” of the system is also continuously monitored: If, for example, a driver or LED module is defective or there is a communication failure, the facility manager receives a corresponding message and can quickly take action.

Learn more about our light management system OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT in our product catalog.

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