Complete DALI-2 certified portfolio for efficient and sustainable lighting solutions

Explore how DALI-2 from Inventronics enhances the visitor experience in the Faber kitchen appliances showroom 

Sustainability and efficiency play a key role in today’s dynamically evolving world of lighting. System integrators, lighting professionals, and customers are constantly looking for solutions that not only reduce operating costs, but also benefit the environment. DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface 2) based LED drivers and light management systems (LMS) offer such top-notch technology, which significantly cuts energy consumption and installation costs while enabling sustainable lighting solutions.

Benefit from the advanced features of DALI-2
DALI-2 significantly improves the original DALI protocol by providing a more precise specification of the IEC 62386 standard, which significantly increases product interoperability. The more intensive testing, which takes about three times longer than for DALI version 1, also contributes to improved interoperability. New functions such as the extended fade time enable fade times from 0.1 seconds to 16 minutes. In addition, DALI-2 specifies control devices for the first time, which means that devices from different manufacturers can be used together on the same DALI bus. The integration of presence, motion and daylight sensors is made easier, which helps to optimise energy consumption and reduce costs. DALI-2-based lighting control systems, like the DALI PRO 2 IoT from Inventronics, also support a data-driven, predictive maintenance strategy, which leads to further cost savings and improves the overall sustainability of the lighting system.

Inventronics: one-stop shop for DALI-2 solutions
Inventronics is at the forefront of this technological development as an all-in-one solution provider with one of the broadest portfolios of DALI-2 certified components. Our comprehensive range includes LED drivers, control devices and sensors – all certified to the stringent DALI-2 standards. This certification not only ensures compatibility and reliability, but also positions Inventronics as a driver of sustainable lighting solutions.

Case Study: Faber kitchen appliances showroom, New Delhi
Headquartered in Italy, Faber is a globally renowned kitchen appliance brand. In the New Delhi showroom, the lighting was designed to be part of the experience, ensuring their visitors to really feel the luxury and the quality that their premium kitchens can provide. In this impressive application the DALI PRO 2 IoT controller from Inventronics demonstrates its full potential. This state-of-the-art solution includes functions such as Presence Detection and Daylight Harvesting to minimize energy consumption while enhancing the lighting experience in retail and showroom environments. The comprehensive capabilities of DALI PRO 2 IoT – including Tunable White (TW), scene control, and the ability to transfer operating data in accordance with DALI Parts -251 to -253 to a cloud via the integrated gateway – are key to creating an immersive atmosphere that underscores the superior quality of Faber’s kitchen design.

Why did Faber opt for a system solution from Inventronics?
Simply put, our solution perfectly aligns with the kitchen appliances manufacturer’s needs for cost- and energy-efficient lighting. The DALI PRO 2 IoT controller not only meets, but even exceeds, their expectations: It provides versatile features and functions that seamlessly adapt to various lighting requirements, contributing significantly to operational savings and sustainability goals.

Start your journey to a brilliant future with Inventronics – your partner for innovative and complete lighting solutions 
Explore how our technologies take your lighting projects to a new level: Click here to read our in-depth Faber kitchen appliances showroom case study and discover the significant benefits of incorporating Inventronics DALI-2 solutions into your lighting design.  

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