Optimized performance: our new rotary dimmer DALI MCU TW G2

An iconic OSRAM product is now even more compelling. In its second generation, we fine-tuned the design and functionality of our MCU rotary dimmer – read on to find out more.

With its new brighter design, our new and improved MCU rotary dimmer seamlessly integrates into modern office or hospitality interiors.

But to make this dimmer meet today’s lighting challenges, it’s not only on the outside that we improved one of the most popular OSRAM components.

With this update, we really wanted to keep things simple for you. The dimmer is flush box mounted and, due to its standardized design, is compatible with flush boxes across the EU, meaning you can utilize it in a variety of projects. It’s conceived as a plug-and-play component, so installation is swift and the dimmer can be used to control light levels immediately.

The product family is already a firm favorite with installers. This easy-to-use device allows them to use their time efficiently and conveniently doubles as a tester to check the functionality of new DALI wiring – and we think they’ll like this new iteration even more. The design is more compact, reducing the size by 30% to an installation height of just 23mm. This leaves plenty of wiring when mounting the rotary dimmer.

And to offer you more versatility, the new device can now be used to control Tunable White as well as standard lighting. It combines the functionality of two previous product iterations at a very attractive price point.

And for ease of mind: the new component is DALI-2-certified, of course. As a DALI component, it can control up to 25 standard or tunable white DALI drivers (with a 52mA DALI current). On top of that you can add four active controllers and connect up to 100 drivers. Needless to say you’ll find very few dimmers on the market that give you this level of performance.

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