Whether wireless or wired: Streamline your lighting systems now!

Are you looking for streamlined, smart and flexible strategies that enable you to offer state-of-the-art lighting solutions to your customers? You have just found them: We are now offering solutions both for wireless and wired applications. New wireless drivers with Casambi or Bluetooth and a new DALI-2 control unit.

For years, the global trend in the lighting market has clearly been toward digitization and miniaturization: LED modules and control gears are becoming smarter and smarter – and at the same time smaller and smaller. Never before have we been able to pack so many intelligent features into such small devices as today. This means not only more operational flexibility and efficiency, but also many advantages for the design of modern, elegant and stylish lighting systems. So, while the technology discreetly does its job in the background, the light itself is now in the spotlight.

Let’s start with our brand-new LED drivers OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent 15, 25, 40 NFC Bluetooth Low Profile (I) and OPTOTRONIC Wireless intelligent 15, 25, 40 NFC Casambi Low Profile (I) – which, for the sake of simplicity, we will abbreviate in the following as OT Wi NFC BL LP (I) and OT Wi NFC CA LP (I). These drivers are small and slim, but they really pack a punch:

Both LED driver versions enable dimming of connected LED lamps (1-100 % amplitude dimming) and are each available in three power levels (15, 25 or 40 W), with wide operating windows, making them suitable for a broad range of application scenarios. Moreover, they are wirelessly programmable via NFC (near-field communication). Of course, the time- and cost-saving “box programming” can also be applied, where several drivers in a shipping box are configured simultaneously with the same previously programmed parameters.

The drivers can then be installed on site and wirelessly commissioned and controlled via a mobile app, for example via smartphone or tablet. Depending on the device, you can choose between two different communication protocols that are preinstalled on the respective drivers:

OT Wi NFC BL LP (I) works with Qualified Bluetooth Mesh and the OSRAM HubSense ecosystem, while OT Wi NFC CA LP (I) is a Casambi-ready driver using the Casambi communication protocol. Thus, we offer two of the most widely used mobile communication protocols on the market as standard solutions. On request, however, other protocols can also be used.

Full performance, not an ounce of fat

But that, of course, is not the end of the long list of advantages: Because these drivers are not only particularly smart, but – with a housing height of only 22 mm – also super-compact (N.B. the typical housing height is about 30 mm). Hence the abbreviation “LP” in the name. Thanks to this “Low Profile”, our new OPTOTRONIC LED drivers are optimally suitable for the interaction with LED spots, LED downlights or for LED panel luminaires. From our product portfolio, the following PrevaLED family LED modules are ideal “companions”:

  • OSRAM PrevaLED Linear
  • OSRAM PrevaLED Area

The combination of our OT Wi NFC LP (I) LED drivers with these and other LED modules is ideal for use in shops, offices or the hospitality sector, both for new installations and for retrofitting existing systems. In both cases, the installation is simplified, because significantly fewer cables need to be laid thanks to the wireless technology.

You have probably already asked yourself what the bracketed letter “I” at the end of the product name actually stands for. This is also quickly explained: The “I” stands for “independent”. OPTOTRONIC LED drivers marked with this “I” are equipped with cable clamps and are thus suitable for “independent” installation outside the actual luminaire body, for example in a suspended ceiling. Devices without the “I” at the end do not have cable clamps and are intended for installation into the luminaire. It’s really that simple. And that clever. Because it once again demonstrates the versatility of our products.


The next generation of our well-known DALI PCU offers a multitude of advantages. This DALI-2-certified control unit enables a standard pushbutton to dim DALI luminaires when installed in a flush box.

Now with Tunable White

An additional pushbutton input enables stepless color temperature adjustment of DALI DT8 luminaires (Tunable White). With this brand-new feature, a wide variety of applications can be controlled with the same device, both standard and TW luminaires. For example, individual luminaire groups in hotels, restaurants, bars or cafés, but also in meeting rooms, can be dimmed, switched and the color temperature adjusted separately.

True “plug and play”

Installation and commissioning are extremely simple: The compact DALI PCU TW G2 can be easily installed in a flush-mounted box and offers true “plug and play”: All you have to do is connecting connect the cables and the pushbutton. The DALI PCU TW G2 automatically recognizes the devices/luminaires that are connected to it and is ready for use without further commissioning. With a short press of a button, up to 25 luminaires per PCU can be switched on and off, or dimmed with a long press. The color temperature can be adjusted with a second pushbutton. The number of controlled drivers/luminaires can be increased up to 100 by connecting four active DALI PCU TW G2 together (see user instruction for more details).

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