Now ready to ship: the next generation of our rotary DALI dimmer

Certified DALI 2 quality for many application areas, from offices to hospitality and retail spaces. Here’s why you should rely on our improved MCU rotary dimmer for user-friendly light management.

Many of us are excited by the idea of returning to our favorite restaurants: good food, great drinks and subtle lighting, allowing us to enjoy a (well-deserved) evening out.

We want to help you contribute your bit to creating the right mood in hospitality and restaurants, as well as in office and conference spaces. To do this, we’ve made dimming of professional lighting installations in such spaces even more user friendly. Our new and improved MCU rotary dimmer makes it incredibly easy for staff and employees to adjust light levels and color temperature, without the need for training.

First off, the rotary DALI dimmer can be used to set a fixed switch-on level of light. The set brightness and color of the light will come on automatically every time the lighting installation is activated.

In offices and conference rooms, another functionality adds to the dimmer being a user-friendly device: Hot Plug & Play.

With this you can dim the same lights with up to four different DALI MCU TW G2s as long as the DALI bus is connected, usually mounted next to the doors. When the room is split into smaller rooms, for example with a partitioning wall,and a simple dry contact, this can open the DALI wiring between the two new spaces – now you can control the lights in each area individually.

The improved DALI MCU TW G2 is now back in stock and ready to be shipped.

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