Save energy in office and industrial buildings with our LED drivers and LED modules

Save on the use of additional diffusers and benefit from a flatter luminaire design – with the innovative PrevaLED Linear OP and Basic Linear OP LED modules for pendant, surface-mounted and recessed luminaires.

The psychological effect of light plays an important role, especially in the workplace. If the lighting is blindingly bright or not homogeneous, it can be perceived as irritating or distracting – and therefore lead to poor concentration and reduced performance. To ensure glare-free work at the computer screen, lighting guidelines are in place in offices and corridors to prevent fatigue and discomfort caused by optical overstimulation.

Most of the time, this homogeneity and glare-free effect is achieved by cost-intensive diffusers and optics. We now offer a much more efficient solution. With the innovative PrevaLED Linear OP and Basic Linear OP modules for pendant, surface-mounted, recessed and inlay luminaires, you can minimize the use of additional diffusers or optics while making your luminaire flatter!

To achieve this, we integrate optics directly onto the LED chips, which reduces the need for additional optics and diffusers. This allows high-quality luminaire systems for offices, public facilities, educational institutions and retail spaces to be produced much more cost-effectively. Another plus is that the use of LED modules enables a flatter design and, especially for surface-mounted or pendant luminaires, expands the design options for installation and room planning.

Both product families are available with a CCT of 3,000K, 4,000K or 6,500K and in optimal geometries for European ceiling dimensions (625×625 / 600×600). With 3SCDM (PrevaLED) or 5SCDM (BASIC), respectively, as well as a CRI of 80, these products guarantee high-quality lighting. Depending on the lighting needs, six to eight modules per luminaire can be easily combined and integrated into the luminaire.

The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC, ICUTRONIC and ELEMENT LED driver portfolio is perfectly matched to this – depending on the luminaires, combination of modules or project requirements (e.g. dimmable), you will always find the optimum LED driver. But our offer does not stop with the components – we offer you other services such as design-in support or fast, uncomplicated luminaire certification.

LED modulesEAN
LED driverEAN
OT FIT 18/220-240/350 D CS L4062172285254
OT FIT 40/220-240/350 D CS L4062172285278
OT FIT 60/220-240/350 D CS L4062172285292
OT FIT 75/220-240/550 D CS L4062172285315

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